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MGSV: Fun With the Fulton

"Mother base is already jam-packed… lay off the Fulton Recoveries ‘til there’s more room!"

Kaz is in for a surprise when he comes home...
I was sooo excited when I saw the E3 trailer with Snake fulton-ing sheep and cars and shipping containers away! That night, I dreamed that I fulton-ed everything in sight in Peace Walker, even Miller. 
. . .Is there something wrong with me?? =A=
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That’s so me right now since I’ve just started playing it XDD
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Me when i first got my fulton devise
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Omg I really wanna try that now
*remembers that trip to monster hunter island* if only we had this when big boss went to that island, he could put the monsters to sleep and fulton them back to mother base, making him the world's first monster collector, which could bite him in the back when he tries to fulton espers and gears, resulting in motherbase being destroyed by esper terra, dragon install sol and gear dizzy
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Ocelot: "Kill me, please"
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At least, they have something to eat :-)
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I now know what I'm doing first thing in Phantom Pain >:3
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Snort! :D I'm so looking forward to Phantom Pain. Been playing the hell outa ground zeroes and was thinking *I really miss the fulton system*, and then I was the extended gameplay for PP for the first time :D :D
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ME TOO. HAHA I've been replaying GZ so much and just really wishing I could fulton things away. I'm glad they brought the fulton system back in TPP, new and improved....... Oh yess 
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This is priceless! I love the comic-timing of this piece and Ocelot's deadpan expression. The clear line-art and use of various different greys are well suited to comic work as well.
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Glad you like it! I actually coloured it with full colours at first, but realised it looks so much better black and white lmao...
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The perfect army against Metal Gear! XD
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When I saw this on Tumblr, I almost died. Now I'm really dying XDXDXDXDXD
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I love the contrast used for the speech bubbles as well as the contrast of the light colored sheep with Miller in the middle. The use of values along with the perspective of the illustration gives it a really balanced feeling and keeps the focus on poor Miller on the bottom panel.

Superb work!
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Thank you! Oops, the one in the middle of the sheep herd is supposed to be Ocelot lol xD
I'm glad you noticed the perspective! I actually had quite a bit of trouble figuring it out haha.
ha ha ha   XD  Such useless baggage...  :P    "No more Fulton recoveries for now!  Mother Base is so packed, it's standing room on-  Damnit!  Man overboard!"  :rofl:

Fortunately I won't be that unnecessarily abusive of the Fulton System like that (no offense to you, I know this was done for kicks and I do in fact like it, just saying is all ^^; ) and will look towards only fultoning competent soldiers (hopes the Infantry Scanner is also in MGSV: TPP so that we can know which soldiers are best to Fulton, just like in MGSPW :3 ),  Military Assets (a few scout vehicles like Jeeps and of course heavy armor and hopefully Fulton-able Helicopters *BIG 'if' there I know... ^^; * ) and Mother Base assets (raw materials and whatnot ^^ ) and unless there's a use for sheep like using them to help with food production and whatnot at Mother Base then I won't be Fultoning much sheep if any... ^^;   
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HAHA I know, right?! I really hope there's a reason as to why we can Fulton sheep back to the base. Like you said maybe as 'raw materials' xD 
ha ha ha  Yup, maaaaybe...  Maybe as goat milk or maybe mutton, I think?  ^^;  Remember that it's not :iconnakedsnakeplz: first rodeo of gathering "food"... :P
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Wow Big Boss bring many  cute and useful souvenirs...:)
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LOL 'souvenirs' indeed!!
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