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I am currently not open for custom mask or suit commissions. I will be offering premade masks for sale towards the end of the year, and hoping to have time for custom orders next year. The below information is for custom plush and art doll orders. 

Commissions last opened 24+25th FEB 2018



Nazegoreng's Plush Price ListFor pricing and commission info see -

Q. What is a commission?

A. A commission is a custom order that I make for you. The commission is paid for via paypal. I do not take requests or make work for free.

Payment is typically required upfront. I do not do payment plans unless I run an auction that specifically allows them (2019 opening will have this option)

Q. Can I commission you now?

A. I will offer commission spots 2-4 times a year to the public via auction or public offers. I will always post on all my social media pages in advance to when I open so you can be prepared.

You must be 18 or over to commission me.

Commercial work may be requested at any time. Please contact me directly for commercial projects.

Q. How do I get a commission?

A. When commissions open you can send me a private message on any of my social media pages. The information you need to send me is listed below. I will only choose 1-2 projects at a time to work on, so you are not guaranteed that I will be able to make a plush for you. You must get a quote before requesting a commission.

Commissions are hand picked, not first in best dressed.

Q. How do I get a quote?

A. Send me a private message/dm anytime on social media (preferably not instagram or tumblr) with what you are after, size and any reference images that go along with the character. Please be patient as I only answer quotes once or twice a week at most.

Keep in mind that quotes only last 6 months, so if you are planning to commission in a time past that point, consider that prices may change or you may be better off getting a quote closer to that time.

Q. Is there a way to guarantee a commission?

A. At this stage I do not guarantee commissions.

Commercial work may be requested at any time and can disregard the above limitations.

Q. Is there anything I need to do before I ask for a commission?

A. Yes! You need to get a quote before you request a commission.

Please read ALL of my terms and conditions before requesting a commission or a quote. If you do not agree with them, do not commission me.

Terms and conditions---->…


If you would like a spot, send me a note (when commissions are open) including the following:

- What plush you would like (including any pre discussed details). Do not add details or accessories we have not discussed/quoted for.

- Reference image/s if it is an OC (written description is not enough)

- What size you would like it to be (small, medium or large) (Ponies come at standard sizes of 17" for mares, 19" for stallions and 11" for fillies and colts)

- Any other pre discussed accessories or details

- What eye expression you want (including references if necessary).

-What price I quoted you (or how much you want to offer if I am running an offers auction)

- Your paypal address

- Your full name

- Your postal address

I will choose the projects that appeal to me most, and that I feel I can do the best possible job on.
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rabidmomento's avatar
your stuff is fucking awesome I would totally get one when they're available if I actually had the money (seeming as I just spent only $34 on a small pompom plush I'm kinda cheap hahaha) 
your stuff really inspires me! I hope you have lots of customers! 
PhoenixtheFirehelm19's avatar
How much is ignitus. That is one of my favorite dragon in the legend of spyro
Anahid96's avatar
I think I am a bit too late to ask you for a commission ? Facebook didn't show me the Post early enough (sorry for my bad english. I came from Germany)
NazFX's avatar
I will be running an auction for people who missed out. I will post the information next weekend
DragonM97HD's avatar
I think Basil from The great mouse detective is heavy copyrighted? ^^;
Deezmo's avatar
Oh man would you ever want to make a world of warcraft goblin?
Or even a troll? 
NazFX's avatar
WoW are really strict on their copyright, so unfortunately I can't make their characters
Deezmo's avatar
Aw what, really? I've seen so many artists do crochet, jewelry and chibi plushies tho.
How do I get to the terms of service page when I click the picture it only took me to a windowed version of the picture 😅
NazFX's avatar
It should be a pdf. Can you select download on the right hand side?
lunablue12's avatar
*0* i will certainly look linto it
WendyAWolfe's avatar
What is "commercial work"?
Is that something like a company hiring you to make a plush of their mascot or brand?
NazFX's avatar
Yes or for mass production
Tailzkip's avatar
Shiny Riakou.....the time is almost upon us   243 Shiny Raikou B2W2 by ShinyLugiaPlz
NazFX's avatar
Gunna be making him early in the batch ;)
Rabbid-Raccon's avatar
Id love to Commission you
but sadly i'm too poor.
Any idea when they would be open in the distant future?
NazFX's avatar
Spattered throughout the year. I'm not going to do large openings after this one, just 1-2 at a time
Rabbid-Raccon's avatar
Thanks :)
Ill keep my eyes out so when i get enough, i can get one of your sweet plushies.
CinnabarTheDog's avatar
If someone were to get a 6 ft life sized plush, could you ship without stuffing to save room? 

Also where do you get your fabrics? Considering making the 6 ft plush myself but I need correct colors.
NazFX's avatar
Unfortulatey not. Giant plush need a lot of internal structure and special techniques to make look good/support themselves. 
I get my minky from
M00nDiamond's avatar
Carmel-Playz's avatar
Can I have that one shema Luan plush with clothes not bikini
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