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August 20, 2014
Smaug Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Suggester says, "There is no other artist who is so broadly talented as Nazegoreng. Her Smaug custom plush combines elements of sculpting, airbrushing, LED work, internal armatures as well as expert patterning skills. The finished product is a seamless combination of many different skills which come together and create a true masterpiece" Also suggested by pepooni, zukori, and raycam01.
Featured by Brookette
Suggested by Inky-Pinkie
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Smaug Custom Plush

**edit** I can't thank you guys enough for this DD. It's been my dream for so long to get one.. I can't explain how much it means to me. A huge thankyou to all the special people who suggested it :heart: 

No Critique, Please... by RaptureCyner

:icontradesonhold: :iconcommissionsclosed: - See page & journal for details

Commissions opening 16th and 17th of August 
Smaug Custom Plush for :iconnitefyredragon:


:bulletyellow:  Smaug is made from crimson minky. He is 29" tall to the crest of his neck. 

Where to start...
His entire body has been meticulously airbrushed using several hand made stencils. His head was sculpted entirely out of foam and then a minky 'sleeve' was fashioned to sit over the foam 'muscle' (the only way I could keep those specific muscle groups visible).

His eyes were casted with resin and the eye design was drawn in photoshop and glued to the back of the eye. Being resin cast his pupil has a 'follow me' effect so it always looks like he is staring at you. Orange LEDs were cast into the eyes, with a grand total of 17 orange LEDs wired into his eyes, mouth and chest that run from 2 battery packs hidden in internal pockets.

His teeth were all sculpted from translucent sculpey clay, embedded into clay 'gums' and glued into his jaw.

His body is held up by pvc piping that runs through his wings and back (the only thing strong enough to hold him). He has wire in his neck and wings for added support.

His chest and neck were given the translucent scale effect by using a soldering iron to singe through the minky. I then reverse applique'd sparkling angelina fibers to fill the holes but leave them transparent so the leds would be visible. Several locations on his body were scarred using very precise shallow burns in the minky, again using the soldering iron (primarily his face, neck and back). 

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out. (I couldn't even if I wanted to due to the way I made him)

:bulletyellow: Oh man.. this plush broke me. Never has a plush made me want to tear my hair out so much XD. I am SO proud of him, and on the same page SO thankful he is done. Every element that could be complex with this plush was at the limits of my abilities. I had to push myself with every aspect. I hope you all love the result as much as I do. 

PLEASE zoom in to check out his details! 

Please comment/fav. It means allot to me. I read every comment and do my best to reply. 
I have not asked for critique. Any critique is not appreciated. 

:star: Watch me or check out my journal (and tumblr) to see WIPs of this and other current projects. 


I am currently working on other plushes. Keep an eye out on my page if you are interested in owning any of my future plushes.
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Panda-Jenn's avatar
This is so Badass!
hopelipe's avatar
OMG! This is Freaking amazing!!! I love it. It's perfect!! X'D
I love dragons and you... NAILED IT!! Great Job!
Xeronik's avatar
wow... i bet this guy went for at least 3,000 USD xD wow... just, amazing, and lights! wow... so epic! i bet Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian wouldn't mind buying something like this, he was always a big Tolkien fan.
NazFX's avatar
I actually undercharged bigtime hahaha. But no biggie because he was so amazing to make
Ysydora's avatar
What a beautiful and original plush dragon! !!Heart Love 
catsrock4's avatar
Congrats on making the most detailed, beautiful, amazing, plush ever!
Angelwings200's avatar
Talent doesn't even begin to describe what you have
NazFX's avatar
Thankyou so much :huggle:
Night-Fury777's avatar
Whoa nice, it even lights up. I wish I had one of those.
boofyhalfpint's avatar
Awesome work! The ones that push us are the ones we really REALLY love....afterwards that is! Thanks for sharing your process and I hope you find the next one you make just as rewarding.
NazFX's avatar
boofyhalfpint's avatar
You are welcome, have fun:happybounce: 
Darkpaw-Lights's avatar
......I want it......XD
Stormangelique's avatar
I wish I had this Smaug is my favourite character
partywooper's avatar
IT GLOWS?!  Nuu La la la la Love 
MightyRaptor's avatar
Smaug the best villain ever!
NazFX's avatar
He is awesome! 
LucyAllocca's avatar
SherlyWats's avatar
Oh my gosh I'm going to cry this thing is amazing!! 8D Your attention to detail in both the pattern and the coloring is just mind blowing!! And I LOVE the added glow effect!! 

Would you ever remake something like this if you were commissioned for it or not due to the amount of work that went into him? I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to redo it XD
NazFX's avatar
Hnnng ty so much! I would make a similar plush again, but it would come with a hefty price. I really underestimated the materials and time that ended up going into him XD
SherlyWats's avatar
You're most welcome! Your work overall is just lovely <3 I expected that so no worries there. XD I'll have to save up and keep an eye on your plushie openings then.~ 
NazFX's avatar
Awesome ty! 
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