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Queen Chrysalis Custom Plush

Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments everyone! I don't have time to reply to them all, but I've read and appreciated every one :heart:.


For a huge walkthrough and tutorials on the making of Chrysalis. Wingmaking, holemaking, and much more. Also the ability to reserve a commission spot (for some tiers):
patreon thumb by Nazegoreng

:icontradesonhold: :iconcommissionsclosed: - See page & journal for details.
Please get quote inquiry notes in asap if you are interested as I will only have tonight to respond before they open tomorrow. 

Commissions Policy - CLOSEDCommissions closed. If any spots become available due to cancellations/payment issues I will let you guys know. I will post a journal with the full commission list tonight, and will note those who got spots. ta 

First in best dressed. I suggest submitting as soon as the countdown timer goes off if you want a spot, as many people will be doing the same. 
The only way to reserve a spot otherwise is to sponsor the upper tiers on my Patreon. You must make at least ONE payment via patreon to claim your spot, so please do not unsubscribe before your first payment has been sent (patreon takes it's payment at the turnover of every new month).

Countdown timer:
Commission Terms and Conditions:
Commissioning me or purchasing a plush from me means you

Commissioned by :iconmixermike622:
Being the Chrysalis from Flufflepuff fame, her crown has hearts on it instead of spheres. 


Chrysalis is made from ash and dark turquoise minky, with a satin saddle, and mixed media crown and wings. Her tail contains a single piece of wire to hold it's weight off the ground. Her feet are flat and weighted with poly pellets. Her legs also contain wiring to keep her balance. Her saddle and wings are removable via magnets and velcro. 
She stands phenomenally well, and can be mildly posed in different stances. Her eyes feature bright gradient embroidery and were designed and digitised by me. She is 25" tall to the top of her head, and 27" tall to the top of her horn. 

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out. 


Holy crap am I proud of this girl. I looooove getting to make new alicorn/type ponies, and Chrysalis is about as little pony as you get. She was definitely trying with those holes, I won't say they were fun XD. But I had an utter blast making her, she really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Expect to see more of her soon with a certain pink fluffy companion and two fun outfits! Check out my Patreon if you'd like to see a huge amount of content of me making her and other plushes (over 160 posts!). 

PLEASE zoom in to check out her details

Please comment/fav. It means a lot to me. I read and appreciate every comment even if I don't have a chance to reply to everyone. 
I would appreciate it if you did not critique my work at this time. 

:star: Watch me or check out my other social media sites to see WIPs of this and other current projects. 


I am currently working on other plushes. Keep an eye out on my page if you are interested in owning any of my future plushes.
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I didn't know people still did these thanks for the giggle

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oh my god, your work is amazing!
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Chrysalis' owner will share the love with her for sure. :)
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And thats best Changeling plushie Ive ever seen. I mean all the details and its still accurate yet unique :D Amazing!!!
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Hasbro should release a 3 foot tall(from hoof to top of head) version...i would love it because i think you can see why… chryssi probably just needs to be loved and not as in TAKING love but rather receiving it freely from somepony... also a fanfic of my oc(strange quark) and chrysalis falling in love is in the works(will be explicit in one or two of the later chapters when the relationship gets serious)
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Normally I avoid MLP like the plague, but this is so amazingly well done, I couldn't help but "fave" it. Your work is absolutely incredible, seriously. Keep up the awesome work :D
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I really appreciate it! 
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Would love to have this plush to hail the best queen day and night.
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Such fantastic work! I've done a little sewing, enough to know that those holes can't have been easy. Did you sew those with your machine, or did you do them by hand?
NazFX's avatar
They are all done by hand. It took forever X'D
MillenniumFalsehood's avatar
I imagine! Your pattern is wonderful, by the way. How many attempts did it take to perfect?
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It's been a very long time since I made her so it's hard to say. I would guess 7-10 times based on average
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Not bad. :) I'm going to try my hand at making plushies for myself and my friends. If my efforts turn out something even half as good as your work, then I'll consider it a success. :)
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I was about to ask how these plushys are able to stand, but then I read this, these plushes are very amazing, very great work :)
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holy shit how much was this?? like 800 dollars??? o__O it's too perfect
NazFX's avatar
USD? or AUD? 
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You are welcome to pm me for a quote. I don't like to just tell people what someone else paid though, I think it's disrespectful to the original commissioner. 
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Dear Sweet Lord
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