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Mega Charizard X Plush


To see how I make my plush, and 2000+ other wip posts, see my patreon feed for just $1

I have a smaller version of this guy avail. He would fall under the medium size category in my pricing guide. DM me if you are interested in owning him. Approx 18" tall. 

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Zard is made from ash and turquoise minky. He has a silicone tongue, resin cast claws, eyes and teeth. His flames are styled faux fur. The wings are removable via magnets for shipping. He is approx 28" tall to horns and has wired legs, spine, arms, hands and horns. 

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out.


Please zoom in to check out details

Please comment/fav. It means a lot to me. I read and appreciate every one. 
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Damn that is awesome!
BUBBLUN's avatar
Amazing! And you keep improving every time...

By the way, you should update all the links to your new patreon, now it leads to nowhere.
KnightPhantomDragon's avatar
That's is a mighty need
Crykaganoid's avatar
What's this? Is that Dragon? Everyone can tell familiar.
GoldenNinjaKing01's avatar
Looks great!

But there's a curious question I have about commissions:

1. I was just curious if the commissions are opened yet. Are they?
NazFX's avatar
You can check on my page if they are open. I only recently opened/closed so will probably do so again in 4-6 weeks
GoldenNinjaKing01's avatar
That's alright.

I'll be waiting in 4-6 weeks, because I'm thinking of the best commissions of Rainbow Power Ponies (NOT the official)(Only the same looks as from
Twilight's Kingdom Part 2).

Thanks. :D
PokeLoveroftheWorld's avatar
Absolutely incredible as always. :D :heart:
ChesskaDoodles's avatar
This is amaaaazing!!
DannyPrickle's avatar
I don't know who I envy more: You, with your incredible talent or whoever has the budget to afford something like this.
Rammgirl30's avatar
I think I'm going to cry!  It is perfect! 
BellaGBear's avatar
Galactic-Cyborg's avatar
Oh my god I love this!!! 💕💕💕 excellent work!!!
berrypass's avatar
Breathtaking as always.
oddmarsfellow's avatar
It looks so good! I love your craftmenship! 😆🥰
KimaAMAYA's avatar
You did an amazing job on this! If I could, I would totally buy one!
Tgdragoonrider55's avatar
I would love to have him 
WorldsFavoriteGlitch's avatar
Hey if its not to much trouble to ask, dont worry im not asking for the patterns i read your description

but What fabric do you use? it looks really soft like most plushy fabrics i wanna start making plushies 
NazFX's avatar
I use minky fabric :). Shannon brand
WorldsFavoriteGlitch's avatar
Thank you for takin the time to answer me ^^ its appreciated 
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