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February 6, 2018
Lifesize Rainbow Dash Custom Plush by Nazegoreng
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Suggested by damphyr
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Lifesize Rainbow Dash Custom Plush




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Lifesize Rainbow Dash Custom Plush

For: :iconnazegoreng: 

:bulletyellow: Dashie was made from baby blue, cherry red, orange, sunshine, dark lime, azure and purple minky. 

Her eyes and cutiemark were fully machine appliquéd (using my sewing machine, not my embroidery machine). They incorporate a variety of cottons and white satin. Her eyes are also airbrushed with a gradient. 

Her pattern was designed by me.
She is 42 inches to the top of her hair. She has 3d hooves and 3d sculpted ears. Her entire body is fitted with an internal PVC skeleton so she can stand very well on her own. Her tail is also supported by PVC and it supports it's own weight. Her hooves have poly pellets to further balance her. Her wings are wired to keep their position and shape. She has a zipper on her back and tail that were to help with the stuffing process. All of her legs, tail, side mane and most of her body are lined with heavy quilt batting to act as an internal skin, smoothing her out greatly and reducing wrinkling. She is stuffed with polyfill stuffing and foam. 

Her element of harmony is removable via magnets and is made from spandex covered foam. I used this tutorial:…

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out. 

I've wanted to make a lifesize pony for over a year now, but I didn't want to make one till I was absolutely 100% confident in my pattern. Making something this large and expensive wasn't something I wanted to take lightly. I've spent several months researching, preparing and saving for her materials. It wasn't an easy choice, but I ended up going with Dashie, who is IMO the best looking plush out of the mane 6 and a favourite of mine. 

PLEASE zoom in to check out her details

A big thanks to the following people: 

:iconraycam01: for being amazingly supportive, helping me with the skeleton construction and photography (when I was in shot). 
:iconfireflytwinkletoes: for helping me with my applique
:iconbuttercupbabyppg: for general tips and advice
:icondoublebackstitcharts:  for general tips and advising me on 3d hooves

Please comment/fav. It means a lot to me. I read and appreciate every comment even if I don't have a chance to reply to everyone. 
I would appreciate it if you did not critique my work at this time. 

:star: Watch me or check out my other social media sites to see WIPs of this and other current projects. 


I am currently working on other plushes. Keep an eye out on my page if you are interested in owning any of my future plushes.
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such a cool plushie! do you happen to do custom oc plushies? i'm interested in buying custom plushies. the maker i talked to about it has a huge time gap between ordering and making them. they only have a short window to buy from them and when i saw this plushie i thought it would be perfect to buy one from you if you sell customs.