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Ignitus Custom Plush


See all his WIP pics (+2000 other posts) on my patreon for $1. Or $5+ patrons this month get his entire airbrushing process on video. 

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Commission for :icondude10983:

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Ignitus is made from pumpkin, fuchsia and camel minky with extensive airbrushing. 
He is approx 18" tall to his head, with each wing being 30" from shoulder to tip. His eyes, belly outlines and markings were embroidered with a Bernina 830LE embroidery machine, Madiera Rayon embroidery thread, and Bernina V6 embroidery software and feature gradients. The eyes were digitised by me. His pattern was also designed by me. 

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out. 


My biggest commission to date, finally finished. Hundreds of hours over several months were spent on this guy. He was a massive undertaking to say the least. His body and head were both fully sewn and tested over a dozen times each. The wing webbing and back spikes were printed with spoonflower fabrics and enhanced with airbrushing, and the entire rest of the plush has been airbrushed. His body has a wire skeleton to support his weight. There is approx 8ft of wire in his giant wings to support the weight. 

I hope you guys like him as much as I do. I put so so much work into this guy, Ignitus meant so much to me as a kid. 

PLEASE zoom in to check out details

Please comment/fav. It means a lot to me. I read and appreciate every comment even if I don't have a chance to reply to everyone. 
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Omg at first I thought it was a painting! Truly impressive!
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Is that a plush toy? So realistic.........

If you make one of these pleaaassseee let me know!! Very interested in buying him!
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Stunning work!!
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Man, what throws me off (in a good way, mind you!) is how on model this dude is. If you popped him on a turntable, he'd line up closely with his game counterpart and I love that. Beautiful work!
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Nazegoreng, do you have an etsy page
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No I don't. I typically only take custom orders/commissions. On the rare occasion I might make a plush to sell
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Okay. Please let me know when you do. I would like to have Ignitus or suicune. My email is 
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I cannot send individual emails out unfortunately. You'll need to keep an eye out on my journals
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I really want this plush please let me know when you can make me one as soon as possible
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The airbrushing on the wings REALLY shows off how painstakingly you went into detail to get the textures JUST right!

Not just the webbing, but the structure of the wings as well- it really looks like renders out of the GAME itself, and you somehow nailed that with fabric- it really looks like you're holding a piece of the games themselves in your hands! :0
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I super appreciate it! He was a crazy amount of work but totally worth it
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Plush? Yeah.... No. This looks like he jumped from the game into our world
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Hmph.... Do you have Google+ account?
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Aww, that is so cute.
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This dragon is ridiculous. Well done.
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Hehe you must really like the legend of Spyro series me to!
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Fantastic! This looks great!!!
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Yoinking them right off the screen!!!
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This kind of work blows my mind!
Wow, the detail that you put into making Ignitus.
Ignitus was one of those video game characters that I was attached to while playing this trilogy. To me
he was like a father figure and mentor to Spyro. I absolutely love The Legend of Spyro trilogy, it had
a great plot, cast of characters, gameplay, etc...

You captured Ignitus perfectly, well done!  
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Thanks so much! He means so much to me too, so I was over the moon to get to make him :D
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