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Blue ombre birthday cake

No finished plushes to post so have some cake. 

I made this for my friend :iconeverglaves:'s birthday. Her favourite pokemon is eevee and her favourite colour is blue :)
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KrazyKari's avatar
Gosh, AND you can make cakes THIS good?! 
You sure are a woman of many talents! 
NazFX's avatar
I wish I got to make cakes more XD. So hard to justify making something so elaborate haha
Mangagirl18's avatar
Are the Pokemon figures edible?
NazFX's avatar
I wish haha! 
Mangagirl18's avatar
Lol. Did you make them, or were they just some figurines you bought?
NazFX's avatar
Just bought them ^_^
Sophillia's avatar
Sarah, I just wanted you to know... I love Raichu and leafeon.. And my birthday is in December... ;) 
NazFX's avatar
Lol you know I would totally make you one if you were closer Soph XD. I can't promise I wouldn't steal the raichu though :p
Marzzel's avatar
Wow so much talent! Amazing!
NazFX's avatar
Aww thankyou so much! 
Marzzel's avatar
My pleasure! :D
Nyxinae's avatar
Pretty swirls! Looks like a lot of time went into this cake, and I bet it was delicious. ;)
NazFX's avatar
It does take awhile, I wish I had someone to bake the cake and prepare the icing for me so I could just decorate XD. That's my favourite part
DreamyEevee's avatar
This cake looks delicious! :D (But also like it would give you an evil case of tummy ache from eating too much sugar goodness x'D ) I just love the design of the icing and eeeeee Eevee!! <3
NazFX's avatar
Lol the buttercream icing is SUPER sugary. It's like 1kg of sugar and a block of butter. And that's pretty much it! You can only eat a small slice or you feel sick XD. But good for feeding lots of people
DreamyEevee's avatar
That sounds both delicious and deadly xDDDD 
Everglaves's avatar
UUwaaahhhhh words do not describe how much i loved this cake.  You did such a gorgeous job with it and it was uber
tasty.  Thankyou so much for making my birthday special lovely.  Your an amazing friend and I was so happy you could 
come and hang with us all.

NazFX's avatar
Awwwww it was such a pleasure girl I wanted to make your day extra special.  Was tonnes of fun I haven't laughed so much in ages. 

Also I did the weird knee thing to emma and she flipped out saying EWW that's meant to be 1/8th of an orgasm.. No idea where that meaning came from XD. Must be what they call it in highschool. 
Everglaves's avatar
lol what highschoolers can be so weird.
Hoopus's avatar
Pretty cake! Cakes are pretty tedious to decorate. I took a cooking class in high school and we learned some cake decorating. This must have taken you a good while! What flavor was the cake?
NazFX's avatar
Oooh that'd be awesome. In hindsight I wish I'd taken cooking in highschool, but too late now XD. 

It was just a regular vanilla cake (I LOVE vanilla haha) but I gave it a blue marble effect inside. 
Everglaves's avatar
It was vanilla with pretty blue swirls.  Very delicious. 
Philaharmonicai's avatar
Aww! Happy (late!) birthday to Everglaves! What a beautiful gift! Loving the ombre and the blue (best color ftw!). Just looks like you made a cake out of the sky (which I don't doubt with your talents!). Beautiful, beautiful tones and the roses are so uniform and perfect. Great job!

And the Pokes on the top just make it more awesome! Something about the brown and the yellow just makes the cake pop even more.

Know that she loved it - yum! Hope to see more sweets in your gallery - they're beautiful!
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