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Arcadia Custom Plush


COMMISSIONS are opening in approx 3 weeks. 
Nazegoreng's Plush Price List


For 400+ posts of walkthroughs, tips, video tutorials, commission spot reservations and wips:
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:icontradesonhold: :iconcommissionsclosed: - See page & journal for details.
Reference Sheet: Arcadia by ArcadianPhoenix
Commission for :iconarcadianphoenix:


Arcadia is made from camel, brown, black and white minky. 
She is approx 16" tall to her crown. Her eyes and cutiemark were embroidered with a Brother Innovis 750D embroidery machine, 
Madiera Rayon embroidery thread, and Bernina V6 embroidery software. The eyes were designed and digitised by me. Her pattern was also designed by me. Her penholder is removable and holds a sculpted mini-tablet pen. It can also hold a regular sized tablet pen. Her cutiemark features a lovely 2 way gradient. 

For embroidery timelapse, stuffing, airbrushing, patterning tutorials (and more), consider supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1. 

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out. 


Holy cow is this pony gorgeous or what. She's just a stunner (doesn't help that I'm a huge paint horse fan lololol). I really hope I did justice to her gorgeous design. I especially love how her extreme gradiented cutiemark came out :heart:_:heart:. Lots of work with all those markings but totally worth it. 

PLEASE zoom in to check out her details

Please comment/fav. It means a lot to me. I read and appreciate every comment even if I don't have a chance to reply to everyone. 
I would appreciate it if you did not critique my work at this time. 

New 20 minute plush airbrushing tutorial, stuffing tutorial and plush photo editing tutorial videos available to my $5+ Patrons
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I am currently working on other plushes. Keep an eye out on my page if you are interested in owning any of my future plushes.
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wwwpat's avatar
The mane is fantastic!
I tried something similar, once. I gave up.
catsrock4's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable pony plush I have ever seen! I love everything about it! The eye expression is so adorable, and it looks so much like its from the show I can't even get over it!
DawnskyOfMapleClan's avatar
Wynter202's avatar
love the feather colour :)
Fuzzyspirit's avatar
Cheese n' crackers your stuff is just amazing. Every time I see an upload from I get so excited because all of your plushes look like they were ripped straight from the 2d plain and just given some depth. They are just wonderful
NazFX's avatar
Aww shucks that is so lovely of you to say XD. Thankyou!! 
Fuzzyspirit's avatar
You deserve every word. If I had the money I would totally commission.
JowyB's avatar
Once again you impress me with your incredible plush making ability Naz  =D well done. :)
NazFX's avatar
I'm honoured to hear that ^_^
sapphire475gs's avatar
I don't mockingly say so: I *really* like her mane.
NaokoElric2250's avatar
Hm, now there is a natural-coloured pony done well, enough to be interesting and fitting of the show.
NazFX's avatar
ContraMuffin's avatar
Woah the mane and tail are so detailed!
FinishLineMLP's avatar
The mane and tail details are BEAUTIFUL! 

You have such pride in your work, it shows with every plush you make. 
Aguywhocomments's avatar
Where shalt I buy it.
Horsesnhurricanes's avatar
Unreal. These are becoming almost photorealistic and from the thumbnail I really honestly mistook this for show accurate digital art. XD Seriously the top level of pony plush out there... I am constantly stunned.
NazFX's avatar
Oh shucks that's the highest compliment. Thankyou! 
EthePony's avatar
Excellent job on the graded colors on the cutie mark :)
NazFX's avatar
Thankyou! That means a lot coming from a master such as yourself ;)
nekokevin's avatar
Gradient embroidery! It looked pretty good.
Derpy-Hoovesbeck's avatar
Is it hard to adapt your pattern to make "painted ponies" ? looks like a whole lot of work!
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