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They Suck With Style by Nayzor
Mature content
They Suck With Style :iconnayzor:Nayzor 9 20
Coberra! (Update) by Nayzor
Mature content
Coberra! (Update) :iconnayzor:Nayzor 4 6
Night at the Pouchville Bakery by Nayzor Night at the Pouchville Bakery :iconnayzor:Nayzor 5 7 The Last Pony by Nayzor
Mature content
The Last Pony :iconnayzor:Nayzor 26 11
Broken Nails by Nayzor
Mature content
Broken Nails :iconnayzor:Nayzor 16 31
Divine Beauty Rest by Nayzor
Mature content
Divine Beauty Rest :iconnayzor:Nayzor 12 10
Marie Triumphant!!! by Nayzor
Mature content
Marie Triumphant!!! :iconnayzor:Nayzor 20 11
Respect Da Pouch Bitches by Nayzor Respect Da Pouch Bitches :iconnayzor:Nayzor 12 7 Total Drama Holiday by Nayzor Total Drama Holiday :iconnayzor:Nayzor 16 1 Peaceful Pokerest by Nayzor Peaceful Pokerest :iconnayzor:Nayzor 16 6 A Night In At Joan's by Nayzor A Night In At Joan's :iconnayzor:Nayzor 24 20 SSU Pantheon of Dark Ecstasia: Chaos Golems by Nayzor SSU Pantheon of Dark Ecstasia: Chaos Golems :iconnayzor:Nayzor 3 6 Tired in Tastyvile by Nayzor Tired in Tastyvile :iconnayzor:Nayzor 15 13 I Invite You to Rest by Nayzor I Invite You to Rest :iconnayzor:Nayzor 12 4
David and Amelie's Magical Adventure
Ever since he was turned into a genie by his former friend Martha, David was in a cross mood. How could get on with his life and marry his fiancé Amelie Maus if he were a genie?
Amelie had remained by his side despite the change. She loved David and was with him.
“Well there’s no use in putting off the inevitable Martha” David said with a weary sigh “I have to find my lamp with my first master. I can only hope whoever they are they are nicer than Martha”
“I’m coming with you David. You’re going to be my husband and couples stick together through thick and thin!” Amelie said with resolve. She was disappointed by Martha’s actions, but still she hoped her former friend had a reason for it that she did not understand yet.
David smiled at his love and said to no one in particular “All right lamp I’m ready to find you and my first master!”
With that a flash of light came and a door magically in the middle of
:iconnayzor:Nayzor 3 1
Babette at the Beach
After arriving to this strange world (the SSU) through a magical portal, Martha and Amelie were slightly off put when their friend Babette fell asleep on the beach. Although they were concerned about leaving her, she seemed fine snoring away with other sunbathers and mermaids of many kinds on the beach. However, only a few minutes after they left, the beach was visited by a clan of oni.
In the SSU oni are a strange race. The come from Japan and resemble demonesses with their horns. Like all the races of the SSU, oni are a friendly race but they have a mischievous streak in them. Oni love to eat their favorite food which happen to be the navels of sentient females. There were many kinds of oni; neko-oni enjoyed the navels of feline races, indigo oni enjoyed the navels of nymphs and hippies. But the oni that came across Babette and the other beachgoers were the aptly named beach oni.
The beach oni stood out with their sand-colored skin and hair and their bikinis composed of seashells. Be
:iconnayzor:Nayzor 4 9


SSU Bios: Aggourides by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Aggourides :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 8 4 SSU Bios: Teelgets by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Teelgets :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 7 3 SSU Bios: Cuisindroids by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Cuisindroids :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 14 12 SSU Bios: Sei-Asdzaa by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Sei-Asdzaa :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 6 4 SSU Subraces: Meleagryphons by EmperorNortonII SSU Subraces: Meleagryphons :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 9 7 SSU Subraces: Skraeling Amazons by EmperorNortonII SSU Subraces: Skraeling Amazons :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 8 2 SSU Bios: Tragonauts by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Tragonauts :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 7 4 SSU Subraces: Navy Leguminas by EmperorNortonII SSU Subraces: Navy Leguminas :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 8 5 SSU Subraces: Buffalo Bovians by EmperorNortonII SSU Subraces: Buffalo Bovians :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 13 10
The Slumber Games
Announcer 1: Hello ladies of the SSU! Welcome to the first ever Slumber Games! We've got a massive audience here today ready to watch this new Sleepy Stories Universe tradition! I'm
Mystic Moonlight, your Sandwoman host, and this here is my lovely witch friend Esmarelda! Are you as excited as I am, Esy?
Esmarelda: Oh indeed I am, Mysty! Eeheeheehee~ This is going to be an exciting match!
Mystic: Alright! For those unaware, I'll go over the rules;
A select number of women are called to face off in a large arena filled with fields, mountains, caves, and forests, with one goal; stay awake the longest!
Esmarelda: Of course, it won't be that easy. As this field is filled with many temptations, from the hibernating cave residents to various othe sleep traps and items around the map! Including a special item from our sponser!
Mystic: Indeed! If one of our contestants is lucky, maybe they might find it!
Esmarelda: More on that later, let's meet our contestants! Reporting in the waiting room is
:iconfaeths:FaethS 7 4
SSU Subraces: Szurke Taurens by EmperorNortonII SSU Subraces: Szurke Taurens :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 15 4 SSU Bios: Skunkettes by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Skunkettes :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 18 6 SSU Subraces: Honey Burynai by EmperorNortonII SSU Subraces: Honey Burynai :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 9 1 SSU Bios: Lidercy by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Lidercy :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 10 6 SSU Bios: Ka'Hsss by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Ka'Hsss :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 15 10 SSU Bios: Kotobukis by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Kotobukis :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 8 7


They Suck With Style
Here's another out of this world pic that KankerRomancer asked me to post for him.

"Zomg! Someone dared to say these OCs suck.


No. YOOOOOOOOOO suck, faggot!! And they are GOD.


Roxie © :iconvaness96:

Alex © :iconmisjudgment:

Adele © :icongabisakura:

Ezeke © :icondarkenedsparrow:

(Yet another non-sleep-related addition to Nayzor's gallery, inspired by this beautiful masterpiece~)"

We Suck With Style by on-the-jasmine-wind
Coberra! (Update)
Here's another piece of art from Kanker Romancer with his quote:

"What's this? Seems that a certain violet-haired gal, the biggest fan of Total Drama, has her eyes set on a certain boy, one who bears a striking resemblance to- and whose name sounds just like- her Codykins!

DAAAAAAAAAAWWWW! Aren't they so adorable together?

Just another non-sleep-related piece in Nayzor's gallery, a heartwarming gift for memorable Sierra-hater, :iconempress-of-the-east:!

No hard feelings, twiggy! You've been a great writer, and your version of TDWT was hilarious. a Sierra lover and a pro Coderra fan, which I say with great PRIDE, it was only inevitable that we would clash (and not with our balls). :)"

:iconempress-of-the-east:!  I have a message from KankerRomancer to you. Kanker wanted me to tell you this. I tried to note you but I couldn't.

"To the 'Empress,'

'Pfft! Nothing personell, kid!'

Seriously though, would I type 'no hard feelings' if I really meant otherwise? :)

You've been a good sport, straight up (metaphorically speaking). Your silly past and our contrasting viewpoints, what with me as a retarded Sierra-fan, cast aside, this was all for some laughs, and I commend you for your growing self-awareness....which means you should know how lulzy your Sierra hate was, hence why I dubbed you a "memorable Sierra-hater."

Da KankerRomancer"
Night at the Pouchville Bakery
"Oh noes! While the town sleeps, a rowdy gang of misfit children transformed by the wrath the Almighty Capri Sun Pouch is loose on the downtown streets and near the local bakery for some trouble, as their usual over-the-top Hanna-Barberaesce antics and a major sugar rush are about to ensue! Will those young deviant delinquents ever learn to respect city property?!

Yes, 'tis another addition to Nayzor's gallery that has very little to do with sleeping beauties, the second of two promised gifts for mah bitch, :iconhershey990: as a year overdue request, and homage to a totally underrated web cartoon! 

(Which in my opinion, could've had a lot more potential instead of the dire misfortune of being used as a blatant commercial cash-cow. :( )

I am SO sorry if I unintentionally pulled a Dobson on you, Cassie.

With luvs,

Da KankerRomancer ~:heart: "
The Last Pony
"'Tis a glorious victory for all! After a long enduring battle against the foul invading Equestrian menace, the valiant Sir Trollalot has returned victorious from his holy crusade. Behold, his last and final kill, a particularly hideous whorse-beast whose clopping and coma-inducing literacy skills were no match for the knight's superior swordsmanship, as the flamboyant filly filth had fallen quickly to his blade. The kingdom rejoices, knowing that the war was won and the technicolor terror was no more. At long last...the land shall know peace... The pestilent pony plague has finally been purged! HUZZAH!!!

Just another non-sleep related something in Nayzor's gallery for sweet, dearest :iconhershey990:, and for that delightful old squid :iconcurtsibling:!

Yup. I'm an anti-brony. Ferkin' deal with it, ya fedora-tottin' clods. :B

(On a more serious note, I would like to make a public "apology" to the grand masters of the #devart chatroom for going too far with my past actions. I most heartily confess that as a fledgling on dA, I was very, very new to the site, but was also purposely building up my edgy, godlike, gary-stuish, womanizing main OC, born from my past role-playing escapades with some of dA's other resident OCs, who is purposely EVIL, a VILLAIN, and overall one of the most grandiose and haughty a-holes, if not THE most grandiose and haughty a-hole ever in existence, but also brutally executes any mortals who "mistreat" any of the women who belong to his cosmic "stable" as his "Divine Judgement.",

But I painfully admit that at one point, I completely lost my temper beyond my deliberate role-playing on the chatroom after the way one of my closest online friends was "attacked" there, resulting in some serious tard-rage on my part, going all lolcow in trying to defend her, not to mention saying some very personal things I should've never said to certain members... :( So on that note, I admit to that wonderful chatroom what a cringy child and clown I was for the insane drama I caused that day, and for not taking the high road in regards to our past "war."

However.....The "vigilante" :iconpepitodoodlez: still dun fucked up with poor, innocent lil' Cassie, and I long vowed that I would avenge her someday. Therefore, he must pay. :)

I hope you and your benevolent llama masters will accept this long anticipated parting gift of sheer pony edgery as a token of my apologies, you disgusting closet hoss-humper! :D )

Shoutouts to others among the list of senpais, bitches, and clowns I've loved and admired during my own experience with the magnificent insane asylum that is dA! :heart:

:icongruntchovski: :iconqueen-asante: :iconwalt-sidney-1972: :icontitanium-dats-me: :icongoodfornothing117: :iconbadassbrony1234: :iconpewdie-pinkiepie:


United States



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