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Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you],

First, I'd like to let you know that I disabled comments in all drawing pages of this account. the reason being that since I'm moving to a new account, I won't be able to stay around to reply to any future comments or questions. and in order not to give trolls the pleasure and liberty to spread lies and misconceptions in my page anymore, I'm disabling the comments altogether here.

Second, I'd like to let you know that I removed all my journals from this account because DeviantART has removed the ability to disable comments in journal entries. don't worry, I'll be posting some of them that I see beneficial in my new account in sha'Allah [God willing].

Third, the "Know Mohammed Day" contest I was planning to hold, and still didn't, will be held in the new account, in sha'Allah.

and finally, my new account is :iconnayzak-studio:
if you love my art and you'd like to follow me there, you are welcome.
if you hate my art and want to follow me as well, you are welcome.
Everyone, Welcome with peace, Stay in peace and leave in peace.

Wassalaamu alaikum
Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you],

This journal is aimed to answer some questions by those who are curious about my absence and also to crush the daydreaming of those pathetic people who are happy thinking Nayzak is gone forever because of their measly trolling.
without further talk, I'll be addressing a few issues right away:

Bullet; Red did Nayzak die? 
Bullet; Red I heard that because of many comments against him, Nayzak gave up and disappeared.
Bullet; Red did Nayzak give up drawing for Islam?

No he didn't. he's just busy with many things. He has some issues with rl. He's learning little about Islam and improving his skills to do better artworks and better da'wah work. but Allah willing, he will be back. When exactly? I can't answer right now. only Allah knows
hate comments have nothing at all to do with Nayzak's absence. in fact, it's ironic how those people are wasting their time boasting about him disappearing while he's fully benefiting from his time to improve himself. you know that idiom "when the cat is away the mice will play"? it's what's happening here. the mice just forgot there is a cat. and mice only win in cartoons. not in real life.


Now the rest of this journal is long and probably boring. if you value your time, don't waste it here. but if you're interested to read further, you are welcome.

Bullet; Red Why are you using third person in this journal?
Because Nayzak can. get used to it

Bullet; Red I heard there is a page about you in some websites.
Nayzak doesn't give a fig about that.
seriously, Nayzak's work is shared in many websites. those who like his work are doing it out of love. and those who hate him are doing it out of spite. the thing the haters ignore is that they are offering him great advertisement (without him paying them a single cent) and allowing more and more people to know about him. and for this, Nayzak says "Thank you haters! lol. you are awesome! lol lol lollll"

Bullet; Red I commented/ sent you a note but you didn't reply.
Nayzak has thousands of comments and hundreds of notes waiting replies. it is very hard for him to reply to all of them. and with him being busy, it became literally impossible. note that during his absence, Nayzak is not replying to comments and notes.

Bullet; Red I heard Nayzak like to block comments and do not like to let people express themselves?
Nayzak doesn't control the internet. and Nayzak doesn't control DeviantART. people can express their opinions everywhere. and Nayzak can do nothing about it. in fact he doesn't care.
the problem is that people like to express their opinions in Nayzak's page and they insist that it's their right to do so. would you accept someone sticking ads on the outside walls of your house? nobody does.
Nayzak believes in freedom of expression. he believes everyone is free to express themselves in their own pages. but he doesn't believe going to other people's pages to spread ideas and opinions without permission is a civilized way.
as for comments that are blocked, they mainly fall in one of these categories:
a- rude insults and disrespectful comments.
b- people preaching religion. although Nayzak could be considered doing the same. but the difference is that he's only doing it in his own page and he doesn't invade other people's pages with his preaching. while some people do the opposite (don't do it in their page and do it only on Nayzak's page. lol)
c- people who insist to debate in spite of being told Nayzak isn't interested. just imagine someone coming to you to talk about the different kinds of ice and you are not interested. but this boring guy doesn't care and keeps boring you with his boring topic.
Nayzak doesn't do debates. he aims to present ideas and information and not to engage in debates to win or convince the others. there are people who excel in debates. they may entertain you better. unfortunately, many people are under the impression that Nayzak's page is an open page for religious discussion. guys, sorry. but you're wrong.

hiding comments and blocking users is an option that's invented to be used against unwanted visitors. Nayzak is only using it against unwanted visitors.

Bullet; Red is Nayzak a homophobe? I heard he rejected one entry to his contest because it featured homosexual Muslim.
Many haters make this allegation to vilify Nayzak. Nayzak never considered it a necessity to reply to this claim. but some people may be under the impression that not replying means agreeing, thus here is Nayzak's reply:
first, Nayzak is not homophobe. because of religious reasons, he considers homosexuality as sin (and he is free in what he believes). just like you are not islamophobe just for saying you don't like the Islamic way of life, Nayzak is not a homophobe just for saying he doesn't like the homosexual way of life. Nayzak has nothing against people who identify themselves as homosexuals. he never made any artwork bashing them and never made any statements against them.
if you were a homosexual and you were to send a nice message to Nayzak, he would certainly reply nicely. but if you were rude to him, he would probably ignore you or block you, not for being homosexual but for being disrespectful.

Every contest has rules. and contestants have to follow contest rules for their entries to be accepted, not contest rules have to bend to match contestants' liking.
regarding the interfaith contest held by Nayzak few years ago, one of the rules was to avoid misrepresentation of all religion. by definition "a misrepresentation is the action or offense of giving a false or misleading account of the nature of something." read that again.
in Islam, drinking alcohol, gambling, eating pork are examples of things that are considered sinful.
if I were to draw a person holding a wine glass in one hand, eating bacon while gambling with friends and if I were to claim that this person is a Muslim. would you consider my drawing a good representation or a misrepresentation of what a Muslim is?
now we know that not every member of a religion a good follower of that religion. what's important is: will you consider a person (who cherry picks what he likes from a religion) a good representation of that religion when they clearly break religious rules and commit what's considered sin by that religion?
people who say "we will" are the ones who will also like to consider Al-Qaeda and FISIS terrorists as true Muslims.
but if you think otherwise, I'd like to let you know that the artworks that were rejected from Nayzak's contest were artworks that broke the rule and misrepresented Islam. and not just that. the contestant didn't admit his mistake. and, instead of correcting it in order to be accepted in the contest, they just insisted that their entry must be accepted. and since it was not, they sent their horde of troll friends and followers to bash Nayzak and spam his page with derogatory comments. regardless of one being homosexual or not, this is an uncivilized behavior and you would be disqualified if you do it in any contest.

Bullet; Red I saw you drew a Palestinian kid with white Keffiyeh scarf, green bandana and black shirt, does this mean you support Hamas?
not necessarily. believe it or not, the choice of colors in that drawing was not intentional and it has no real meaning. 
Nayzak knows some people won't believe this and will want to insist to go further with their allegations. he doesn't care what people choose to believe.

Bullet; Red But you are against Israel. doesn't that mean you are with Hamas?
Nayzak is most certainly against Israel. but Hamas is not the "only one" against Israel. every freedom-loving-human will be against Israel. this is Nayzak's opinion and you are free to disagree.

Bullet; Red What are your plans for the future?
Thanks to the hateful "fans" who keep visiting Nayzak's page even after years of his absence, This page became so full of trash. and making a new account will take less time than cleaning this one. so yeah, God willing, Nayzak is considering opening new page where he will start posting his work in an organized way.
Making a separate website is also an option. since DeviantART's rules don't protect Author's rights.

Bullet; Red What do you say to those who wrote hateful comments in your page?
I know the thing those people hate the most is when one prays for their guidance. so here it is, guys: MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY (AKA YOUR GOD) GUIDE YOU ALL AND CORRECT YOUR THINKING. ^_^

Bullet; Red Lastly, I'd like to thank ALL those who kept visiting my page and writing positive comments about my work. I'd like to consider myself blessed for having people like you visiting my page and, in spite of being absent, writing such wonderful comments and encouragements. but I don't deserve much of what you guys say about me. if I did something good, it was from God's inspiration. while if I did something bad, it was from my own lowly self. 

This journal is not meant to start debates or arguments. I may not be able to reply to all your comments. but I just wanted to answer few question and let you guys/girls know something.

Wassalaamu alaikum