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Wanted Niqabi Woman by Nayzak Wanted Niqabi Woman by Nayzak
Assalaamu alaikum[Peace be to you]

Today Franceís ban on women wearing the niqab, face veil, came into effect. This law was passed under the guise of promoting womenís equality in Muslim communities but actually promotes further suppression.

Firstly, it makes no sense to liberate women by enforcing what they can or canít wear legally. A law that forbids women from wearing a niqab is as bad as one where the state forces a woman to cover up. Both removes a womanís right to choose. No matter what your personal opinion on the niqab or burqa is, it is a womanís right to wear either if she so wishes.

Furthermore, the idea that this law will stop male relatives forcing women to covering up is nonsense. This law will actually increase the isolation of vulnerable women. Unable to go outside due to threat of arrest and fines, these women will end up effectively imprisoned in their homes. Any chance of receiving the support they need to leave such an environment will most likely be denied them as they have been turned into social pariahs. Muslim communities are already closing ranks in face of such laws so grassroots organisations that work with coerced women will be viewed with more suspicion and will find it very difficult to reach those that need their help.

This law needs to be viewed for what it is, a cynical attempt by a deeply unpopular president to improve his ranking in the run up to an election. Exploiting a publicís fear and hostility towards a particular community is unsavoury and unfortunately is becoming more acceptable by politicians throughout Europe and the USA. Those who cheer such laws as the niqab ban often have their own anti-Muslim and immigration agendas.

by ummissa on April 11, 2011. [link]

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Grunge paper texture by ~bashcorpo

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