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Understanding Shari'ah -1 by Nayzak Understanding Shari'ah -1 by Nayzak
Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you],

To understand the essence of the Shari`ah, one must understand the relationship between man and God that Islam lays down. There is no god but One God; Mohammed is the Prophet of God: This simple sentence is the bedrock of the Islamic creed.
God is the Creator; to Him alone, therefore, belongs the kingdom and He is the only Sovereign.
God is the Creator. To Him alone, therefore, as his only Lord and Master, man must submit his entire being:

God is the only true Provider. It is He Who has bestowed on man such faculties and capabilities as seeing, hearing, thinking, and articulating-attributes which man cannot live without, but which he cannot create for himself. It is He Who has made available the resources of the external world which man may discover, exploit, and develop but again, cannot create.

:bulletred: MAN'S GREATEST NEED!
Yet surely man's greatest need is to know how to live his life so as to fulfill successfully the purpose of his creation; how to relate himself to his Creator, to his own self, to his fellow human beings, and to everything around him. To Him alone he must therefore turn to seek guidance. For there is no one apart from or beside Him who can truly provide answers to man's eternal questions or is capable of guiding him. All else can only be speculation and conjecture. And why should the One Who has provided even for man's most trivial material needs, not also have provided for his more important moral and spiritual needs?

:bulletred: PROPHETS' TASK
It was to provide for this greatest human need that God sent His prophets from amongst men in all ages and to all nations, bringing them the light of the divine guidance revealed to them. Among them were Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. And Muhammad was the last of them, in no way different or new. May God bless all of them.

Man's relationship to God is expressed by the very word Islam-submitting to Him by following His will and guidance as brought by His prophets. But this submission must be total and all embracing. A Muslim submits his entire person to his Creator as his only Lord and Master. No part of his life can be exempt from the need of divine guidance or from the writ of divine sovereignty. God and His lordship and sovereignty are indivisible; and so is man's life in its submission to Him. It would indeed be an imperfect God Who could only be experienced or related to in the realm of the spirit or the provision of material needs like one's daily bread-a God unconcerned, uncaring, or incompetent to help man in the more arduous and complex task of living his life. Him he worships; Him he invokes; Him he depends upon; Him he trusts; Him he seeks; and, equally important, Him he obeys. Man has been given the freedom to reject God; but, once having accepted Him, he must follow His guidance. He is not free to follow one part of it and ignore another, nor to seek guidance from sources other than God. Denial of part is denial of the whole.

... to be continued, in sha'Allah.

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I hope this was beneficial

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If I am right, it's from the God. if I am wrong, it's from myself.
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