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Tell us about ISLAM!

By Nayzak
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Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you],

Today, I'd like to talk about Islam from a historical perspective. and since this is not gonna be short, I am gonna do it in a few articles:

Remember that the Arabic word Islam means total submission to the will of the God. a Muslim is a person who practices Islam (submits to the will of the God) for more details about the definition check the description here:

:bulletred: Islam is the way to the God:
Islam began when man's career on earth began. Allah, the Almighty God, created Adam and Eve and enjoined them to worship Him and live a life of obedience to the Divine Will.
Allah is the Creator and he is All-knowing of the Universe and of human beings. Man must turn to Him for sustenance and guidance.
The day Adam and Eve were sent down to live on earth, Allah told them that they were caretakers of the Earth, and they were His servants, just like all of his creatures, and He was their Lord, Master and Creator. He told them and mankind that the best course was for them to follow His guidance, to obey His commandments and to refrain from what He had forbidden. the God said to them that He would be pleased if they obeyed Him and in turn He would reward them. If, however, they did not heed His commands, He would be displeased and would punish them. This was the simple beginning of Islam.

:bulletred: And so kufr came into existence:
Adam and Eve invited their children to follow the Islamic way of life. They and their children and their later generations followed the teachings of Islam as propounded by Prophet Adam -peace be upon him- for quite a long period of time. It was only later on that certain people began disobeying Allah. Some of them began worshipping other gods of their own making, some of them regarded themselves as gods, while a few others even declared their freedom to do as they pleased defying God's orders. This is how kufr (disbelief) came into being. Its essence lies in refusal to worship the God and pursuing the path of defiance to the Creator.

:bulletred: In need of heroes!
When kufr (disbelief) began to increase and multiply it affected the life of society in a number of ways. Exploitation, oppression, viciousness and immorality emerged in different forms. Life became intolerable. the God then appointed some righteous people to preach the Message of Truth among the wrongdoers, invite them to the Right Path and convert them to God-fearing people worshipping and obeying the God Alone. In short, they were asked to perform a mission to make people righteous and true Muslims. These noble people entrusted with this great mission were called Prophets or Messengers of the God. Allah, Glory be to him, sent these Prophets to different nations and countries. All of them were honest, truthful, and people of noble character. All of them preached the same message: Islam. To mention a few names: Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Ishmael, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon and Jesus -peace be upon them all-. All of them were the Prophets of God and thousands of them were, over the centuries, sent into the world to guide mankind.

:bulletred: The same message again and again!
In the history of the last few thousand years, one can see the recurrent arrival of Prophets whenever kufr (disbelief) increased and assumed menacing proportions. The prophets tried to stop the tide of disbelief and invited people towards the original Islam. Some people adopted the Islamic way of life, but others rejected it. The people who followed the Prophets became Muslims and, after learning higher ethical and moral disciplines from them, began to preach and spread nobility and goodness. Having forgotten the teachings of Islam, later generations of Muslims themselves gradually sank into disbelief. Whenever such a situation arose, God sent a Prophet or Messenger to revive Islam. This continual arrival of Messengers of God continued for thousands of years. In the course of those long years, Islam was revived by those Prophets, who restated the Message forgotten by their people. At long last God sent his last and final mesenger, Mohammed -peace be upon him-, who revived Islam in such an outstanding fashion that it still exists today and will continue to exist (God willing), till eternity.

To be continued...

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I hope this was beneficial for you.

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If I am right, its from the God. if I am wrong, it's from me.

Wassalaamu alaikum
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