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Earth for all and All for Earth 2 by Nayzak, visual art

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In the name of Allah[God] The most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

Greetings of peace to all of you my visitors. whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, humanist... brothers and sisters in humanity, you are all welcome to my humble gallery. WELCOME WITH PEACE, BE IN PEACE, LEAVE IN PEACE. But I do hope you enjoy your time here and maybe learn a couple of new beneficial things.


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if your coming here is for the purpose of attacking my faith, then please do me a favor and leave in peace. if you want to vilify Islam, please do so in your own page. my page is not for people to spread their hate for religion.



There is no compulsion for man to accept truth. But it is certainly a shame upon the human intellect when man is not even interested in finding out what the truth is. Islam teaches that God has given us the FACULTY OF REASON and therefore expects man to reason things out objectively and systematically for ourselves - to reflect and to question and to reflect.

Nobody should press you to make a hasty decision to accept the teachings of Islam, for Islam teaches that man should be given the freedom to choose. Even when a man is faced with the truth, there is no compulsion upon man to embrace it.

But before you begin to form an opinion about Islam, ask yourself, whether your existing knowledge of Islam is thorough enough. Ask yourself whether that knowledge has been obtained through non-muslim third party sources who themselves have probably been exposed to only random glimpses of Islamic writings and have yet to reason on Islam objectively and systematically themselves.

if you like to read some literature about Islam, I invite you to have a look at my list of Good Islamic Websites


Want to know who Nayzak is? here is

And here is my chatting room here in deviantART: NAYZAK'S CAVE . feel free to drop by and ask questions or discuss about anything you like.

Sometimes, I receive a lot of comments and notes, I may not be able to reply them all quickly. so I am sorry if I reply you late...


Although I am trying my best to be peaceful and friendly, from time to time, I receive hostile comments and aggressive insults from people who disagree with what I draw. if you don't like my art, don't watch it. if you don't like my opinions, don't read them. why make a fool out of yourself instead of being a respectful person?

Be nice and people will be nice to you. ^_^


you don't need to ask for permission to share my artworks in your blog/forum/facebook/website or if you want to print any of my artworks to use it for Da'wah for non profit purpose... and credit is not required. All I ask is a little du'a in your prayer.
may Allah, the Almighty God, reward you for what you do.


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Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you], First, I'd like to let you know that I disabled comments in all drawing pages of this account. the reason being that since I'm moving to a new account, I won't be able to stay around to reply to any future comments or questions. and in order not to give trolls the pleasure and liberty to spread lies and misconceptions in my page anymore, I'm disabling the comments altogether here. Second, I'd like to let you know that I removed all my journals from this account because DeviantART has removed the ability to disable comments in journal entries. don't worry, I'll be posting some of them that I see beneficia
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Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you], This journal is aimed to answer some questions by those who are curious about my absence and also to crush the daydreaming of those pathetic people who are happy thinking Nayzak is gone forever because of their measly trolling. without further talk, I'll be addressing a few issues right away: did Nayzak die? I heard that because of many comments against him, Nayzak gave up and disappeared. did Nayzak give up drawing for Islam? No he didn't. he's just busy with many things. He has some issues with rl. He's learning little about Islam and improving his skills to do better artworks and better da'wah
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SURVEY: state 3 things you know about Islam but you don't understandthem or don't know the wisdom behind them..

65 votes
comment (and please state whether you're a Muslim or not.)
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Your art is amazing mate! I am not a Muslim but I respect all those who follow the true teachings of Islam for the benefit of humanity. Keep up the good work. Peace, justice, and freedom for Palestine!

I love your art styles and open mindness on the issues : )

Nice painting skills, it could have an insecure fool, or someone who's naive, believe that mooslims are not misogynistic and homophobic/homomisic cunts who abuse and brainwash their poor children, mainly girls, murder women and homosexual people for the crime of existing, support paedophilia, and suck their sky tyrant's asshole at least twice a day. But unlike the moronic politicians, I can see through your gaslighting. Maybe you are not like that, maybe, but you would be the exception, not the norm, not even the minority. But you're still spreading propaganda about the most vile, imbecilic and dangerous of the abrahamic cults. Wrong move there. Muslims are oppressive cunts with the added audacity to manipulate the world about their cult, have it believe that they're some kind of oppressed innocent people, with social shaming tactics such as "ISlaMOpHObiA" (said the oppressive and paedophilic homophobes), when they're the most narcissistic, abusive, hypocritical and stupid of the abrahamic cultists. They're terrorists in the sense that they're villainous, abusive, oppressive, dangerous, narcissistic, sociopathic, manipulative, entitled and toxic cultists who plague and invade, who should be shot legally. They deserve to suffer in the wars and hell they've created for themselves, those worthless abrahamic cultiats, rotten to the core, sexist and paedophilic homomisiacs who idolize dick-in-cunt. They're proof that abortion, neutering and the death aentence are good things, sometimes. Paedophilic murderers of women and homosexual people. The only reason third-wave feminists support mooslims, mainly the men, is because they're bimbos who want that mooslim dick. PS: the homomisia of mooslims is on par with the nazis, and they oppress homosexual people and women like how white medieval people used to oppress black people, before black people became free, inheriting the child abuse culture of white medieval people. Congratulations, ultimate levels of hypocrisy have been reached! Yep, speaking of which, black people oppress homosexual people like white people oppressed them, they abuse their children like white slavers abused their race, mooslims oppress everyone just like the christians they claim to be oppressed by do. Abrahamic cultists oppress homosexual people, and bisexual people, for that matter, when there's naturally nothing wrong with homosexuality or bisexuality, they're just two other sexualities, and everything wrong with the homomisiacs, who're usually imbecilic and abused cultists, or or men afraid to be treated by other men the same way they treat women, or just stupid, like the nazis did, all the while supporting paedophilia, a mental disorder, a sexual retardation, that can lead to the harm of children. But then again, they abuse children, so... There is no greater equality than the cycle of abuse, stupidity, villainy and hypocrisy. Horrible, narcissistic rotters like abrahamic cultists make the world a worse place to live in.

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This guy hasn't posted anything in years. Who are you even talking to?

You should tell people to boycott things made by Saban Brands such as Power Rangers because Haim Saban is a Zionist and a right winged supporter of the Israeli apartheid.