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Full Name: Silvina Sha-ool Sawanawa
Age: 18
Birthday: January 1st
Sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11
Weight: 100
Appearance: Silvina shifts from black hair to super-saiyan blonde however in her now norm mode black hair Silvina wears a black overtop shirt over a tan short-sleeved shirt along with a pair of tanned shorts with knee high socks and blue shoes.
silvina will change from this outfit to her original Enemy outfit which acts as a protective shield at times, its a blue outfit made of the strongest threads to make magic proof leatherings, and a cloak that can make for explosive and bullet-proof cases, like stated she only puts on this outfit now during important missions and when she wants to go undercover.
Silvina also has a pair of goggles cause she does special experiments on both technologies and chemistry her backstory will provide more information on this.
Silvina's physical appearance is ice blue eyes over caucasion turned somewhat tanned skin, and her skin tone is a shade darker than Annie's
Her tail is furrier than most Saiyans and is strong too but is mostly used to help her during her experiments to help hold vials and such, she also has extremely long durable nails, her own teeth happen to be sharper however than a normal saiyan since she is from Planet Zen her fangs do inherit the same amount of strength force of another family pool, from the saiyan genus it goes like this
Planet Zen-Planet Vegeta-Planet Earth. Which means that Silvina is from a bloodline that originated before Planet Vegeta, but the histroy next to hers is where the bloodline seperates.

Relationship Status: To Marshall Lee a Genderbent Marcelina of Adventure Time (:iconbugsythehedgehog:)
Race: Saiyan/witch, Silvina is of no royal bloodline and prefers herself that way however she does seem to carry a certain cocky attitude like a saiyan about humans and other life-forms in fact during the first few years of meeting re-meeting Nayu it was confirmed she considered humans nothing but low-lifed scumbags that were nothing but worthless trash, better to be used as recyclables, in many scenarios many humans are in fact tormented and turned into other races horribly to demonstrate this matter greatly.
Silvina seems to be of other genomes though currently they are of unknown origins, her incredible IQ does not seem to be of her mothers but of her fathers family line, she seems to get the cleverness from her mothers side however.
Family line

Silvina has a pretty sick humor and as you probably have already guessed is more likely to lean more on the evil ways than good, in fact since converting to good happens to know an evil heart and intent than a good guy would normally assume, with an IQ equal to that of Eggman plus quite a few degree's in potion and chemistry Silvina's own intelligence leans more into the smartass range than any other character so far.
Her rivalry issue with Nayu from the start and even now has always been an issue, the two will at times butt heads even when a truce is called, despite Nayu's higher IQ ranking Nayu isn't fond of technology like Silvina is so the two will often find themselves drawing battle wits there.
Also she has quite a cocky attitude when it comes to beings she deems lower than herself like humans and other species. Sometimes the best times to fear her is when she is in a good mood! Cause then she feels like being evil without really doing it and sometimes accidently does so.
Also Silvina has the highest endurance, and stamina, considering for the longest time it was assumed she was a blonde and not a black haired girl Silvina can at times have more control over her emotions than most characters showing this to a full extent.
However one thing she and Nayu do have in common are bullies, when she was first indicted into the Enemy she did have a bully problem but since she was clever and taught how to use it to full advantage in the most evil of ways she manages to fully embarrass humiliate and pardon it but yes even found how to rape her bullies to show dominance using her henchmen to do the dirty work.
However though it is VERY hard to see Silvina does have a soft side, you just have to look extremely hard to find it and like Nayu and Annie it is present, but it like them aimed towards her own two creations Zen and Naraku. While Zen had to be remade to be completely Evil Naraku is still not an adult and so can remain good.
Silvina is also the youngest of the trio and also of all the OC's but this should not be a flaw to be overlooked, Silvina also has one more personality trait, she loves one machine man makes, a washing machine, presumably when she was first introduced to mankind and how they ran things she was taken into a laundromat for the first time, in a universe where beings rarely wear clothes and clothes can be cleaned magically a washing machine is quite a marvel, so this is why to this day it is a bad idea to take her to one, she will take one apart and you'll have to pay for damages cause she never puts them back together.
She's also been known to act like a spoiled brat at times though now that she is older Silvina is acting a bit more mature than back then.

Powers and Skills:
The highest Endurance and Stamina Silvina can hold her super Saiyan form for longer than most saiyans put together, since a young age Silvina was forced to do so for over 10 years making people presume she was a natural blonde and normally this strong but like most would presume this did come with some complications.
Silvina at first required much rest but since the Enemy refused to do so they allowed her to drink much caffeine to help keep up her energy and train her hard since the age of 5.
Silvina also weilds once again a staff which helps her with her powers her main element is ice while Nayu's is fire and Annie's is electric.
Silvina specializes in many magic powers, transforming others, summoning, levitation, combustion, corruption, ice spells, ninja, and many others and in fact is better at spells than Annie is but not in the same ranges as Nayu's.
Silvina's IQ is 300 and therefore can create a number of trigonometry questions in a single minute while also designing machines within only 30 minutes, and while in the enemy had also discovered a cure for a disease relative to the AIDS virus for Planet Zen this was what helped bring peace and lower Planet Zen's defences sooner.
Silvina can be noted to use her own cloak and old outfit to help out with situations.
She can also note problems within machinery and chemistry with great ease and therefore is a great technician more so than Nayu.

Silvina's got several backgrounds how she developed as I grew up (She was introduced when I was in early school years) And her further real backstory as stated in Nayu's backstory.
Silvina's character development started mainly as a voice, later her own appearance finally came into fluition after two shows appeared with similar yet very different characters
Power Rangers Rita
And Tenchi in Tokyo's Villainess in a cloak and with blonde hair as well
Though both villainesses are very different their appearances are to blame for most of Silvina's beginning appearances except for the tail, which did start out as green and not brown.
This was to later be explained that she is indeed an ancestor to the saiyan race oddly to say but does not and in fact does not hold any royal genes tying her to any royal bloodlines or any of the major characters for that matter.
If anything Silvina's magical properties which in many stories where she is the villain make it hard to determine if she is at all any race to any franchise specified making her a completely original character much like Nayu Siminova.
But one thing always does seem to come up the topic of Silvina's MOTHER, a topic which will always be a short fuse with Silvina is the topic of her deceased mother who was brutally be-headed in front of her at the young age of 5 when she was taken to be placed in The Enemy, while the memories were locked and many people were forbidden to ever speak of it whenever this came up Silvina will normally blow her lid at the most convenient moment because of how horrible and tragic this memory was back then and because she never truly could get over the horrible memory of what happened that day.
If anything that part of her was very much sealed away for a long time even longer than the memory was making her forget her long lost wish to protect the planet!
Silvina's childhood wish was to be a guardian of the planet, but after the incident this thought was all but lost her own creation was forced to be altered against his own will corrupting him as a result when Silvina did actually change back she could not save her own creation thanks to the alteration therefore making Zen her creation a permanent evil being.
While in the Enemy Silvina had a gaggle of henchmen along with a maid by the name of Fono her henchmen were Sono the deformed Khajit who happened to have a huge crush on her, and Ethno an argonian (dry scaled lizard type) who both would do some dirty tasks for her but one of Silvina's dirtiest pleasures was tormenting human men and women for her own sick desires and needs though still young she was taught in all sorts of human tormentation techniques that she still practices in case justice needs to be served.
Though in present day she uses these techniques for good reason now Silvina's also used to own a real black dragon and had other rivals whilst in her company
Seduce was a big-headed female alien to Planet Zen who seemed to love to pick on her for her size, however while this rivalry would somewhat be on the same level as with Nayu Silvina this would normally sometimes come to bite Silvina in the ass at times mainly because Seduce once went out with a few of Silvina's bosses causing her to always lose some jobs, points, and yes some ranks.
At times Silvina would have to avoid this big-headed bitch in order to avoid losing more money everytime she got a new boss.
Silvina also once went into choir and on a world tour on Earth nearly got the "Aliens" in trouble by shouting "Joy to the world the devils Come" A song she had been preparing to months to sing in order to ruin it because Seduce was also  singing a big number at it and thus Silvina had single-handedly ruined Seduce's big premier among other peace treaties that would've ended Earth forever.
Silvina's father however Ono Sawanawa was a top notch technologist in the company also which Silvina none-the-less replaced when he passed away.
It is noted and I will place in it in Nayu's origin story that upon researching Silvina's past, her father met with an untimely fate with a monstrosity out in space?
This speculates that her father didn't die on the planet at all, what actually happened was that he was on a mission and that upon dying his blood exploded sending a coded message right through to whoever had his genes in them (silvina) then the message would be sent of her location for his replacement. A creepy thing but since this was a company filled of villains what else can you say?
Ono Sawanawa was actually to blame for a some technological feats and actually did work once with Mark Anthony once in the story.
That is pretty much it for her backstory I'll see if I can fit more in Silvina's storyline.
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