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Full Name
Now Nayu Sha-ool Siminova Kurosaki (taking her husbands last name over her maiden)
Age: 25
Birthday: September 18
Sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: 6'30
Weight: 300 pounds
appearance: Orange fur with a singular yellow main stripe down the front going around her breasts, in between hips and finishing widening right before the hips.
Two pairs of half stripes one around her neck making a half necklace and around her hips aiming upward towards her yellow stripe, many pairs of double stripes on her thighs ankles, base and tip of tail, shoulder and wrists, finally six more stripes going down her back that are not visible from the front, she has light brown eyes whoes pupils can thin and widen due to emotions or absorption of light.
Nayu's ears are not the same height and her nose is a tad crooked leaning a bit to the left when facing a person.
Finally Nayu has a specific notch in her spine near the base of her neck that makes it a unique feature when compared but is not easily noticeable, this is the only feature in her bone structure that makes her different from the rest of her kind, only she, her aunt, and other wielders of the finera have this rare feature in their bones.

Relationship status: Married to Bugsy Kurosaki (a.k.a. :iconbugsythehedgehog:)

Race: Imagineer type Furred, range cat, breed tiger

Nayu's family line
Mother Emasol
Father: Sha-ool Siminova (who was banished from the family shrine after massacreing his own mother and father horribly and in fact many other previous weilders, their mother was before Foresta, and their own grandfather (who lived on the shrine too))
Living relatives now
Aunt: Foresta, who taught Nayu many of her skills and is Sha-ools twin sister who was the one who banished Sha-ool and his helpers from the shrine.
Shallow is Nayu's cousin from China and knows Ninjitsu,
Cara is Nayu's twin sister
Janis (a.k.a. Tayu) Nayu's technical clone/sister
Nayu currently has only 4 kids
Johnny is the next wielder to the Finera and is a rather serious catsaiyan, though mommy Nayu is a bit wary due to  a dream when it comes to HIM dating girls XD
Emasol is named after Nayu and Cara's mother and so far both the twins are yes adults Cara looks a lot like a real imagineer
Kitten is a saiyan
While Little Ann though born dead did indeed come back to life due to a machine and is still smaller than her twin sister.

Personality: Nayu is normally a rough and tough person, like a Virgo she is very precise, but has a very fierce temper every now and then.
She does have a motherly nature with children and some people still, and protects Annie with everything.
Her passion with the flame is to protect all those innocent and pure as she is inherited of the Finera, the holy weapon of her family line.
It is advised to never anger her to the point that her pupils thin to vanishing and turns to phase mode cause then she gains an uncontrollable bloodlust.
She also has a particular rivalry with Silvina, despite them getting along at points they both will nearly always butt heads on a lot of matters including technology, war, and how to deal with evil, despite Silvina knowing more about evil.

Powers and Skills
Nayu has a number of abilities,
Weilding the finera Nayu holds the sacred flame within her and therefore is a pyrokinetic able to weild the flame at will, Nayu also is very acrobatic, but her weapon has a mind of its own though.
Nayu also has a lot of strength, being a great endurer of pain from her youth Nayu can handle extreme pain including people chopping off her limbs and still being able to move and fight. (though severe healing is needed afterwards)
In that catagory Silvina has the most endurance stats, while Nayu may be next, she also has quite a lot of speed but not as much as Annie.
Still Nayu can handle as much as 600 pounds of weight on her shoulders and thus is a good strength attribute along with flame to any team.
Nayu's finera can also turn into a bow and Arrow, Shield and Spear, and gun for when the conditions are met.
She does have a super form which makes her even more strong in all these areas.

Nayu has come to terms with her horrible past in present day, while she accepts this she tries to aid Silvina despite their rivalry issues to come to terms with HER past as well, this causes some odd situations where SIlvina and her will probably put aside their differences and actually work or the opposite, fight really hard.
Fire and Ice hardly mix in this state.
Nayu's past consists of many lifetimes featuring her as Erza from Fairy Tail
Sailor Pluto(her first life hence why she's a timelord)
Her present life
Life as a horse
and Hawk
When compared to Annie and SIlvina the main three Annie has had the most lives while Nayu comes in close second Silvina in third.

Nayu does have some weaknesses one of which being she can't ever break through Crylonium a rare type of steel that was found rarely in her part of the galaxy.
and also a special bone is in her body but since its hard to find its hardly been used except in instances where she's gone mad which makes the bone more presentable, Annie uses these moments to use get to her and parylize her.
The bone when tweaked causes instant paralysis and was a side-effect to gaining the finera and holding it on its bearers shoulderblades.
So its location is there so the weilder can sometimes leave it on their shoulders, but Nayu has never used her bone for this hence why its not visible, in fact none of the women of her family uses this bone for it.

Shallow practices Ninjitsu
Janis and Cara were even taught Martial arts
Jaken will soon be introduced and she's from Egypt (she's a legitimate princess though who managed to get saved from the bird types though)
Salu Alu is a pirate so she knows how to fight like one

Phase Mode
A scary form, that causes pure bloodlust, Nayu is unable to weild her weapon in this state
It causes her to increase in height and weight to 900 pounds and up to 9 feet tall, in a male it would be 11 feet and 11,00 pounds, but it gets scarier, her strength is quadripled and senses are heightened to literally sense everything, about the only thing lowered is her intelligence, she can't identify friend from foe. Its raw animal instinct
Pokemon Forms
A rarely done thing Nayu like Annie only has one form mewtwo when she dated a mewtwo once she took the form and does know how to use it for a while.
Mobian forms
Nayu takes the echidna and hedgehog forms but prefers echidna above hedgehog, tiger is not a confirmed one but Nayu can be one hell of a fighter then, in one story Nayu wounded up in a three-way-tie between several suitors (An old one and a rather well other story lets say that) But Nayu could fight real well in it (during a tournament Nayu wounded up beating the living shit out of Annie with the finera and also did the same to others in the end of that tournament Annie wounded up losing to Nayu due to the fact she kept healing people)

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Nayu, read my journal..
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Nayu: We did :hug: Look you do what you need to if you decide to someday reactivate we'll be right here.
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