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Full name: Janis Sha-ool Siminova
Age: Is less than her physical but is technically 25 same as Nayu
Birthday: September 18
Sign: Virgo
Height: 7'30
Weight: 400
Appearance: Janis is a full foot taller than Nayu but her appearance is quite different but has only a few things in common, though very faint she does have some stripes on her, but in the same locations as on Nayu's body even on her oddly long dog tail the stripes are evident.
Janis is a blue heeler with floppy ears that can stick up when on alert, making her look oddly more like Nayu, her fur color is greyish-blue, with the stripes being slightly darker making it hard to notice, she also wears a mainly straight purple shirt with the cups of her bra being yellow and a darker magenta color at the bottom of her shirt, she also wears shorts like Nayu but of a darker color too, her eyes are of the same color too with her nose and ears the same length.

Relationship Status: going out with :icontalesanddreams: Darkness

Race: Imagineer, Type: Furred, range: Mixed, breed-unspecified mix of Blue heeler/tiger.

Family Line
janis has Nayu's genes within her DNA making their family lines crossed!
Thus meaning Cara is also her twin sister
Along with Shallow being her cousin
Sha-ool is also her father
Emasol is also her mother then

However thanks to the mixed breed in her gene coding she has another family line which will be unmentioned in the story but goes like this
Co-father- Dohen
Co-mother- Sillan
She also happens to have a number of brothers and one sister she does not know about by the names
Older brother-Jacen
younger brother- Penn
Even younger brother- Dune
Sister- Tasen
Person cloned from- Silla

While sharing a lot of Nayu's personality traits, from easy aggravation to precision (due to being a virgo) Janis also seems to have a more caring nature and less of a temper, she also seems to be quite equal with Nayu in battle stats, Janis also seems to share something with her OTHER breed the heeler breed, a significant amount of tracking and kindness, while Nayu does have compassion Janis can control her anger and understands showing Nayu the good side of being the strong one.
She becomes Nayu's elder sister because of her more mature, elderly attitude, along with the fact that sometimes Janis CAN act like a royal, when she wants to.

Powers and Skills
Janis is nearly equal completely with Nayu in nearly all area's except for one, strength, she is also lower than Nayu in weilding the fire they both hold.
While Nayu CAN'T break crylonium Janis CAN.
Another strange thing is that Janis cannot enter phase mode.
Because she is a clone with genes outside the family line completely (the blue heeler mix was from a family that never specialized in ANY fighting period thus providing dirty blood, this creates a sortof block as to why Janis can rarely even use the flame and in fact only uses it for minor purposes)
Janis also weilds a weapon she found that resembles Nayu's weapon only slightly, and weilds it with the same expertise as Nayu does
Unlike Nayu however, she can on some occasions send her flame through the weapon as a rare flamethrower technique, this will weaken janis horribly however.
In strength Janis is the strongest in brute strength, Nayu in second for that catagory. I will give a graph of who is strongest in what catagory soon as I'm done with this list of Data files.

Janis has the background being that Nayu's father wanted the fienra so bad he took some of Nayu's DNA by investigating some of the area's she fought sneaking around and using it to clone himself a version in an attempt to steal the finera for himself.
however During the process he had a special family on the project and one of their children accidently let their fur into the mix causing the DNA to alter.
When it was discovered, Sha-ool was furious with the family for contaminating the process and killed them for it, or at least the parents, some of the children escaped, but barely, never to be seen again.
As for the experiment, Sha-ool debated whether to scrap it or let it go on, he decided to let it live in another attempt to get it back.
His hope failed when it was discovered his experiment would never bear the finera, and in fact it was too late, it was alive and after Cara began to get along with her had no choice but to let it live.
He created "Janis" a false alias, and family line so she would believe she was born there and lived there her whole life, and Cara could be fooled as well.
So Janis went on with her entire existance hardly knowing till later that she was an experiment for a mad man wanting power.

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