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Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan

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Anyone watching the new Attack on Titan Season 2? I think it's some of the best anime I've watched so far for 2017. Every episode makes me want to find out more about what happens next. The action animation is so so good ;--;
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Nicely done! She looks badass, as she should ;) I love Mikasa! 
ElectricCrown's avatar
You’re welcome! :)
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Mikasa's scarf warms the darkness in her soul. 😂
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Excellent artwork. Mikasa striking down the titans!!!
veldar75's avatar
wow, love it! <3
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DinoBirdMan's avatar
I do and this is a beautiful art. :)
Yersinia88's avatar
So nice, this is definitely going to my favourites.
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Holy son of a mother this is Badass
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No prob's keep up the good work
DeadCobra's avatar
This is beautiful
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I didnt know attack on titan had rukia kuchki as a character!

seriously, great drawing. captures her intensity pretty well bit misaka just looks way too much like rukia from bleach.
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haha now that you put it that way, I can see the resemblance :)
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*Claps* Amazing... just amazing
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