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Midna - Legend of Zelda

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Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
I just love how sassy Midna is in the game!

Watermarked to prevent theft.

Drew this piece to go along with my other Legend of Zelda pieces
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You don't mind if I post your art on my Instagram I won't forget to tag and Credit you.

Have a nice day stay safe please

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I actually bought this poster at one of the anime banzai conventions. Nice to see it getting some love here.
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Must! Not! Search! For! Sexy! Midna!!a Must! Be! Stroooooong!!!
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this is the quality content that still is good on this website. good job,you are now gonna get this post viewed from all over
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Awesome work on this.
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Hi, it looks like the link to your online shop is broken. Do you by any chance sell prints of your work? I love this!

edit- nm fam looks like there was an issue on my end
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Hope you find prints and art you like in my online shop :) lmk if anything is broken in the store and I'll look into it right away!
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I love this portrait of Midna! I'm actually using this as my background photo on Tumblr! Don't worry! I gave you full credit in my description so that whoever sees it will be directed to your profile here on DeviantArt! 😊
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It is unbeatable. Good job
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So pretty!

I just want to . . . Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
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Nice, she looks awesome here, and lovely. Very exellent coloring, and effects here.
Very...odd, in a good way. I'm just used to seeing Midna's adult form as more serious. She looks great though, her hair is vibrant, good body, nice leg shot, and her eyes are very good, bright and noticeable.
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Nice work. The clothing is spactacular
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