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TokenDark for IconPackager

By naymlezwun
Here we have an IconPackager theme built using :iconbrsev:'s Token Icon Pack. This is just the Dark set. For the White set go here: [link]

If you want both sets in one go here:[link]

EDIT: To install this package you have to do it from inside IconPackager. So open it and click add package from hard disk. Have fun
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How the fok do you install these things? I don't get it. :(
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You have to use the IconPackager software for windows.
hi guys, to download click on the buton "download" on rigth ->
how i download it plz???
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NVM I figured it out

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oh god pls do help us...
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How are you supposed to install these and use as a skin??
how to download

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how to install??
thank you!
i really like your work but.. i have met with some problems.
I wanted to restore back to my original icons but the icon with the recent places did not get restored.
What should I do? Is there any way I can get back my original icons? I really hope I can get it back because it looks weird with that one icon with a different theme from the others. this is a picture you can refer to: [link]
please help and thanks in advance!
also, when i tried to change the icon for it, i realised that there are some icons missing from the original collection, do you know if that is normal or if it was deleted? [link]
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thank you thank you!
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i have the full version of IconPackager but cannot get this icon set to install. Pity they are great icons.
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Thank you kindly for this port! [link]
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You're welcome :)
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Hi ... i tried it but every time i restart the pc the theme seems to be gone, and i have to install it again ... ? Is it for the trial version of iconpackager? Is there any other way to install definitely this great icon set?
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its supposed to be permanent, im not sure why your pc isnt saving it.
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sigh .. that's really a pity.
Thanks anyway
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