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im feeling so shitty right now and idk ima cry or something and i have a viva tommorow  i dont know anything and ima fail ad im not- i cant ugh ew
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great stuff
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This communicates your feelings very well, i know what its like to feel shitty i myself havent been feeling well mentally over christmas so i know your pain. I hope you feel better at some point, when you are ready.

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same for you i hope you feel like sparkles and yumyums and good and okay you writing this for me is proof of how amazingly sweet and i wish the best for you uwu :)

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Ouch... I wish you the best moment

I know that this phrase is little "bullshit", but I know that maybe is common to be feeling so shitty in own life.

But maybe, tomorrow, you'll be good

Beautiful artwork that told me all your feelings


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aww thanks for the message! and i talked to my someones and i feel better SO so much better love you :) hope your days go amaing and bless you *huggies*

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<3 ~~ Same here

<3 <3~

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