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Words Are Like Bullets

Words could be in form of sound (voice) or text. STOP :suspicious & Think 1st of what you about to write or say before you spell it out. Be careful,
"Words are like Bullets. Once they are Fired, they Cannot be Retrieved."
Just like a bullet, a single word could wound or takeout a life. though, wounds could heal but the scars wont fade away. Once they are out they can only be forgiven, not forgotten. Words could be loud as an open gun shot like words refer straight to the person or silent as a shot with a suppressor like gossips. It could leave a heart cry for the rest of their lives. So mind what you say before the word leaves your tongue, before the ink fade into the paper or before clicking the "send" button. All these are like a bullet leaving its barrel. Its never too late to forgive them, if you have said or written something to someone. Cause forgiveness is the only treatment we could give them here. Forgive, Stay Positive & Love each other.

        Point Right Bullet
        Point Right Gun:
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        Point Right Blood-Red Grunge
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Well said, wise words for a weary world
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hehe thank you Idea