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jack elsa

they are a beautiful couple!
but each other company character.. T_T
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Now here is a movie I would like to see.
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I told myself I wouldn't ship this, but screw it. They're both cool af, lonely af, and perfect for each other
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now This is the most beautiful work of Art .
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This is impressive.
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Jack and Elsa shipping
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lol I feel a fanfic coming on from someone in the near future
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Very nice style keep up the god work + I ship ot xD
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That explains the trailer parodies
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Love your style! Beautiful work! :D
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Beautiful work! Simple and fantastic!
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What a cute art style. It suits the two and their overall mood perfectly :)
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Now theres a cold romance I can agree with. They are perfect for each other.
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I love how you kept it minimalistic with blue being the only color. A lot of people like to go over the top with effects. 
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One of the few REAL OTP's in the world.
I clap to your genius!
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at first i didn't like this I kind do. oy vey.
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Nice character posture and facial expressions!

They really make a nice couple. XD
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