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huke style :)

I'm Studied the "huke" illust style in my character
he is "BLACK ROCK SHOOTER"s designer.
i like he's style.

The my short work video in my blog…
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잉 ㅠ 블로그에 비디오 비공개로 되었네용 ㅠㅠ
Flame witch? cool!
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Impressive! Nice job.
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Oh god I love Huke (one of my favorite artists) and I love your style too *^*
So ... the combnation of both is just awesome :D
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She is so coolllll <3
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It did cross my mind that this was huke-esque. nice piece
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Wow !!! fantastic it cool. \ ^ ^ /
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I love it, but I think I love watching the video more because there's something about the process of a drawing I quite enjoy and to watch someone work through the values brought a different perspective for me as one who's used to doing the lines first and foremost. I'm quite intrigued to attempt and play with this method though, but I do love this character design =3
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Thanks for the video, Great work :)  , you are awesome.
Awesome! I think calling Huke the 'designer' of BRS is going a bit far though, she's a dye-job of Miku Hatsune. That's OT though, this is awesome. I love the winged boots and claws as well as the color scheme.
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Whoa! The horns, the sword, the boots, the wings... all unconventional and striking takes on standard character design elements. Great work!
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Just awesome!


KYAAAA me encanta G.G
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How did you go about studying his style pm me :3 and btw this looks amazing :)
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Flame swords are always boss.
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Super... no, really, SUPER! :O
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She needs a name! Something like Red Flame Slasher, but better.
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You did a good job using Huke's style *gives you a thumbs up*
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this looks so cool and just dont let me start this is amazing
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cool character (=
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