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alextrasza is so beautiful character!
I very love her!
but she look like sad
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Very nicely done!
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I love Alextrasza, so i find this really perfect.
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This would look great on the side of a building ten stores high:)
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Great picture :)
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I have nothing to say.
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Alexstrasza is so beautiful, she is one of my favorite character's from WoW :3
Harmleikur's avatar
I really like Alextrasza :love:
She's so beautyful
Hakkyou-no-Yami's avatar
not sad....but she lost something but she is enraged AND despaired...thus preparing herself to unleash her Wrathful Holy Fury upon us.

well..this is what I see from my view.
MicreroFurioso's avatar
beautiful man...seriously
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Beautiful, powerful and sad at the same time. Very nice drawing.
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Small wonder. She's the aspect of life and the extremely suicidal tendencies of Azeroth's sentient life would make any Lifebringer sad.
OmegaAvatar's avatar to's sexy and badass at the same time...
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She looks wonderful! I love the coloring :D
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great colour work.
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My favorite dragon in Warcraft!
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Nice work, maybe she's sad becauz she lost her krasus ? (hope not)

But you forget the S on her name : AlexStrasza
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Simply amazing!
The detail is boss.
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For some reason she reminds me of a friend of mine in this picture.. it might be the fact that they both seem like "givers of life"... in the sexual sense. Alextrasza is a beautiful character, filled with love, in all its forms. I love her and you have truly done justice to her with this illustration.
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I have looked at her modal in 3d max, her thighs are thicker than those of a average Blood elf...yummy lol
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She looks gorgeous!
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Finally ! An illustration that does justice to Alextrasza ! Awesome work !
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Would like to see more art of Alexstrasza from you.
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