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Lancer's Sadness

Just felt like drawing her really lol. Hmm well to be more precise I felt like drawing a knightress overwhelmed with grief and sadness after a long hard battle during a war. She has a sad face because she knows the war is nothing but a feud between the rich nobles with powers while those under them suffer whether that be soldiers who fight for ideals of their lords or they be commoners who suffer needlessly from all angles due to the war destroying possibly everything and anything they have (families, crops, houses, etc). Only the winner (and by winner I would assume the lord of the winning side) walks away as the victor while everyone else loses something. In the end all wars are pointless and she feels pain knowing this harsh fact and despite it all she feels the need to fight for survival as well as protecting the ones who can't protect themselves being forced to live behind the great walls.
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Another great concept
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love the pose.. the head dress , the weapon , her cute face , her hair
just amazing! well done
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Lancer! The sadness definitely comes across.
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I like her expression !
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Very nice works *_*
wellhmmm's avatar
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Fff, I love it <333
Keep it up! =D *favity*
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Another fav!
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Awesome pose, and great use of colours :thumbsup:
If war is pointless why on earth is she a lancer? (Unless she was drafted...?)
But this is a beautiful picture! I love your art.
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I love her helmet/headdress.
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she seems lonely. :(
I love your coloring on this one.
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War is pointless indeed.
Very nice drawing!
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I really like the paint style you've used on her and her expression is very emotive. I like the design of the lance too. you did a really good job.
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Awesome.Love the story behind it
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Nice concept, pretty image. Too bad bout the ground shadow though.
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cool, I like the pose and some of the armour elements are really nice. I like the elbow and knee armour a lot, not sure about the shoulders and helmet and I think I would have drawn a girl with flowing wavy hair or a couple war-braids or something like that, but then again thats just me =)
oh an the rendering is sweet, I'm working towards that level (and beyond of course, the sky's the limit) how long did take you approximately?
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I love it. The detail is beautiful.

And the expression is absolutely perfect.
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Charming, badass... not to mention purdy :)
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