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Armor of Valkyrie style

i want to become proficient to drawing :)
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I cosplayed this Art this past year, and here was the result…
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I really love this design and was wondering if you would mind me using it to create a cosplay costume? I would like to use it for my starting point and possibly add some more armor to it. I do not want to use it without your permission however.
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Did you ever make this into a cosplay? I would love to see it, this was my result…
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I didn't. I don't knows how to work with the materials to do it properly. I'd love to though.
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neat, cool weapon
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looking good!
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That so cool i would marry her haha 
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Great concept! The coloring is fantastic.
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I'd say you're definitely proficient! So many little details...
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Astonishing Valkyrie suit! :D
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She is so cool !
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it reminds me the game ragnarok online, good job.i really like your works!!!!
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me too XD RO.... hwaa.....
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Pretty cool armor : DD
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*reads descrip* are you shitting me?!
This stuff is good enough as it is
But its human nature to pursue perfection, cant blame ya for that :X
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Holy CRAP!!!

(in a good way!)
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Pretty much, since Valkyrie Profile(PSX) came out, most of all artwork I have seen of Valkyrie have been in that same style. Helmet with the feathers, etc. Which I like very much, I am a fan of the game, and most everything related. Also being a fan of Norse Mythology, I really like Valkyrie centered creatures.
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she looks really elegant, hot and strong! Great work!
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