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i want painting, look like stronger woman
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If you want to talk realism then women would not be on the battlefield. 
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it's more realistic to have women on the battlefield with actual armor than to have women on the battlefield in bikini armor. character designers need to stop watching so much hentai, maybe they would come up with more original ideas.
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I can find many men in games and movies(he-man for example) that have insufficient armor so stop your bitching. 
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Could use a little more protection on her thighs and midriff.  Otherwise, she looks great.  I want to be her shield bearer.
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Nice. I loved this a lot!
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omg I LOVE this pic! I want to do cosplay of her *^*
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Holy crap, this one's awesome too!
Looks like she leveled up a bit between this one and the new one, eh?
The style reminds me of TERA Online.
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I have set the picture of the woman with a scythe as my desktop. I love it. Very nice work!
Did you work on the mobile game Rites of Delta? I see they have a lot of your artwork in it (including this one).
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Dat armor....
So nice it is
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..:: M O S T * E X C E L L E N T ::..
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the armor is very detailed and the face shows much expressions! awesome picture! great work!
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Go call soul calibur and get hired!
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Really amazing design, i love the details and the coloring in this :D
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This is the other picture of two, which I like best from your gallery.

I love the fancy armour, though it has way too many vulnerable spots for real use.
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Remarkable, I really like it.
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