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I am a simple man with zero artisic ability.   I am in envy of all of the fantastic art here on the site.

I am also a man who can recognize an opportunity. I like to play Magic the Gathering, and typically play on Friday nights at my local store.  One week I made some custom token cards for my Mardu Pyromancer deck and everyone in the store freaked out and wanted some type of alternate art custom tokens made for them.  Again, I have zero artisic ability and cannot sell what I did not create...or can I?

Quick answer to what I am looking for.  Fantasy art, and specifically permission from you, the artist, to print and sell your image on a small scale in my local shop.  I will take your image, turn it into a token card for MTG, have it printed and sell it locally to players at my shop.  I do not need or want exclusive rights to your image. I simply want access to great artwork and permission to sell it.

As I said, this is a small process. I do not plan onselling more than about 20 or 30 of each card in the store (our FNM group is between 30-40 people each week).  So if you are looking for $500 for permission to use your image then I cannot help you.  I know your art is fantastic, I likely follow your page here.  However, as a small market individual I cannot afford your work.  My target is someone who either has digital art already created and would like to make a few bucks from an image not doing anything else, or someone who enjoys creating images, can do so in a timely fashion, and still wants to make a few bucks doing it.  

I am willing to pay $25 per image with an email confirmation stating I have permission to print and sell the work. Again, I do not want exclusive rights.  Feel free to do whatever you want with your work.  I just want to use the image to create a token card for Magic the Gathering, print it out and sell it to fellow players who like to customize their gameplay a little bit.  It will cost me about $15 to produce these cards in bulk of 18, and I would need to sell at least 10 of each image to break even.  Not looking to rake in billions here, just enough to perhaps fund my cardboard crack addiction.

So if you made it this far I have to assume you are either offended I would do this or are interested in submitting an image for review.  If you are person A) thank you for your time, please do not hate.  I am not trying to undervalue anyone's work.  I am simply offering some side cash to anyone who has some images in a portfolio who could use money for a tank of gas (ok, half a tank, who am I kidding with gas prices).

For those that are truly interested, here are my baseline requirements:
1. Portrait images only.  Magic the Gathering is played with playing cards and the images need to be portrait vice landscape for me to use effectively.
2. PG13 please.  I will be selling to a male dominant group ages 20-50 ish.  We would prefer the female character in most instances, usually with a hint of sexy and sultry thrown in when possible.  Please nothing explicit or graphic because we are still in a game store with children and female clients and I do not wish to isolate them or offend them.
3. COLOR! I respect and honor those of you with talents in the B&W field, but I want big bold glorious color images.  Try to avoid images that are darker in nature, they simply do not transleate very well.  The subject really needs to stand out so darker backgrounds are great so long  as they are used to separate the subject.
4. Create in a format I can use.  I predominantly will use photoshop for the items i need to add to your image so if I can open it there it is preferred.  If you use specialized software to render images please save it in a generic format such as png or jpeg so I can open it with software I own vice trying to reinvent the wheel.
5. Fantasy based characters. Look up Magic the Gathering artwork on your favorite search engine if you are unfamiliar with the game.  You will actually find many artists here who provide content for the game right here.  For the most part I want images focused soley on a single character, but there are always exceptions.
6. Feel free to include a small signature or artist mark on the image.  I will also provide artist credit on the card so people can look you up.  Please refrain from placing anything critical in the bottom right corner of the image.  The power toughness marker will be there and cover up whatever is in that area.  Otherwise I can work around the signature for the things I add to make it a token card.
7. My top needs right now are:
    a. Zombie.  Pretty much free reign on this one.  If sexy female zombie is a thing I could use a few of those.  Otherwise any readily apparent zombie representation will do well.
    b. Angel.  Preferably flying with a weapon.  Would rather have an angel of war mindset versus a wispy version.  All of these characters are involved in combat, please represent them as prepared for battle.
    c. Elf Knight. I will value a female elf character riding some type of mount (horse, lizard, whatever. Think Avatar here) over other submissions, but any elf using a bow, sword, etc will be considered.  Elves are very popular, with the elf knight being in the standard rotation right now.
    d. Flame or fire elemental.  Again sexy female charater that is either based in flames or shows explicit mastery of fire.
    e. Spirit.  Have a hard time describing what I want for a spirit, but I will know it when I see it.  I know that is not helpful.
    f. Soldiers.  Prefer female (Xena, Wonder Woman) but not exclusive here.  Just need your typical grunt, front line soldier here.  Armor, weapon, shield, whatever.  I do not need anything specific other than the immediate understanding this is a soldier.  If done well I would even be willing to entertain non fantasy art here (say Master Chief from Halo or Captain America, but it has to be your own artwork and not something I will get questioned about later for copyright infringement).
    g. Look up Magic the Gathering Token on google images. There are hudreds of different tokens for the game.  Also look up Planeswalkers and find out which ones need an "Emblem".  If an emblem can be created by a Planeswalker I could use a token card to represent the emblem as well (Elspeth, Knight Errant is a great example. I could use an artist's interpretation of Elspeth as an emblem).

So you are still reading?  Excellent.  I have at least captured your attention for this long.  Have questions or want to submit an image for review?  Email me at  I am only able to afford 4-5 images a monthbut  am happy to look at everything that is sent my way.  Include a link to your image or a heavily watermarked image if you prefer to protect yourself from me trying to scam you and use your image without payment.  If I like the image I will confirm I have permission to print and sell the work and pay immediately via Paypal.  Please do not overwhelm me with 8-10 images expecting to be paid $250.  I cannot afford it and this is not what the post is intended for.  I am not promising you anything more than that I will look at the work, and if I like it AND I think I can sell it as a token card I will send you $25 via paypal.  Some players will attend a Grand Prix or SCG event in our area, and your artwork MIGHT go there with a player and MIGHT be seen by others, but I will make no promises or guarantees of that whatsoever. Your artwork might be exposed to dozens or hundreds of other players, but I make no guarantee of exposure.  Think of it as a bonus.  Someone plays a deck at a grand prix that uses your image on a token card.  Perhaps the opponent likes your image and wishes to learn more.  I will provide your name or screeen name on the card so he/ she can google it to learn more, and I will provide my name and email information on the back.. Maybe one day I can grow up and make a website or sell on Etsy, but I doubt it.  Right now I plan on selling to friends and fellow players.  If you get more exposure out of it than that then maybe you get more than the $25 I offer.  I hope so, but it would be a perk not a right.

Thank you for your time, look forward to working with you.



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