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DL:7 - Crystal War Mega pack - [SFM/GMOD DL]



"War, War is always never changing"




I put the wrong Reddragon, Please visit :iconjdash42: for the correct one
Well howdy there,

I present to you the biggest pack of models I have ever released, containing about 52 in total. What started off as a simple idea turned into a rather ambitious group project.

Thanks to my partners JDash42, Stefano96, Dracagon, and RenderPoint we tackled and overcame, putting our all into it to make it as modular and animator friendly as possible.

Using references from images done by cheezedoodle96 for Octavia and Limestone, and an image by TheShadowStone for the Watchtower model.

There are also some original models like Maud, Pinkie, Redheart, and Twi. Made Twi to sorta fill in the "What if" portion of the CW Timeline. There are a number crystal based props, as well as various crates and barricades of many forms for the solar empire characters and the train featured in the episode.

Lastly thank you to AeridicCore for allowing us to use his Future Rd for the base of our project.

And thank you to SourceRabbit QuilloManar Starstrike42896 n' Tonkano for the various images provided with the project models.

You can see them here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Check the Content.TXT file to see a full list of credits and models contained, Maybe we'll tackle another CW pack if there is demand for it.
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Perfect for remaking this scene,
all i need are a few Zebra models for the enemy forces pursuing them.