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DL:6 - WWWE Collar/Death Disk - [SFM/GMOD DL]



"Uh Twilght, How long does it take for a magnet to loose power?" - "Uh-..., about 400 years" - "DAAYUM"
Holy wacky non-contextual evidence batman, That was really bad; anyway awhile back I asked if anyone would have been up for a Wild Wild West/MLP Crossover, Didn't get as many responses as I'd've wanted but I did get a few, so in between working on the >Revenant< and the Impossibly large pack of >Horse weapons and.... junk<.

I drafted this up, the models used, the picture itself is accredited to :icond0ntst0pme: "What even is this movie" and as per usual DSM fashion, he made a behind the scenes image which can be found >here<, alongside the original image without text.

also thanks to :icondracagon: for his assistance in the textures.
Those who want context watch these clips >Here< , >Here< and the first 40 seconds of >Here<
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seems kinda random