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DL:2 - Battle Spike Armour - [SFM DL]



"On a quest to be the best, that no dragon lord ever was"
ooooh yeeee, You would expect me to have more model releases, considering how much I upload to sketchfab... anyways.

Story for this, about a full week ago, I read the summary/preview words for this coming Saturdays episode "Gauntlet of fire" where spike is supposed to become the Dragon lord, it inspired me to make some lame Battle Armour for him.

partly because there is little to no actual props for him, and partly cause it was a new challenge for me to tackle.

So here we have Spike in his battle armour/regalia...Nothing super fancy, that comes later, but it does the job, I do have ideas to make some cooler less... plain textures, but I'm still learning.

Also plan on changing the preview pic in the coming days cause it's pretty shit, moreso than my usual.

:icondracagon: Thanks for cleaning the textures and rigging. 
Modesl featured(For current preview pic):

:iconbeardeddoomguy: Spike
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