Quints Quest is going on hiatus for the time being

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Let me preface this by saying that no, this isn't the type of hiatus that involves me saying that I'll come back to it later and then disappearing off the face of the internet. The comic isn't cancelled. Chapter 3 will be coming in due time.

I haven't set a date for it, and here's why. I've got a lot of stuff that I want to take care of in the intervening time and I'm not sure how long it's all going to take – it might just be a week, it might be three whole months. I want to mainly focus on my website – yes, I have one. It's on Neocities.

The site's incomplete and I haven't worked on it since May 2020. I'm not going to give out a link yet because it's incomplete but it's not exactly private either. Frankly I'm probably gonna have to re-do it from the ground up since the whole design is kind of wonky, especially since I'm still learning html and css. When it's complete it'll have a full archive of Quint's Quest and any other webcomics I do (though, it's going to be years before I do any other comic projects - I don't even have a tablet yet.) , a gallery of my art and maybe fan art if there's enough of it to warrant displaying, a section for stories I write (which, I might publish something soon – soon being in the range of... One or two years) a blog section and... Anything else I can think of, like a portfolio or an “about” section or stuff like that. Having all of that stuff is my criteria for it being “complete” but in all likelihood I'll start posting the link when the general layout and the comic archive are completed.

I'm not going to be JUST working on the website, either. One of the other reasons was that I wanna also work on the comic behind the scenes as well in preparation for the new chapter – planning stuff out, writing stuff down, that sort of thing. I also want to add hyperlinks in the comic descriptions to make the whole mess easier to navigate since, even before they forced deviantart eclipse on us the site was never easy for webcomics. I wanna just also sort of evaluate my deviantart and social media in general to see if there's anything I should change or make better.

One more reason, probably the biggest reason for this being an extended hiatus is just because – and there's just no pretty way to say this – but I've honestly been feeling really burnt out. I've been trying to not let it show since I believe that this whole project of mine – all the drawings and comics – should just be fun, exciting, an escape from the banalities and conflict of the real world, and that's what I personally do all this stuff for as well. Trying to keep this from getting “too real” is why I generally avoid blogging about personal stuff in life – that, and I just don't care for social media and I think it's a dumb idea to tell everybody on the internet your business. This time I'm generally making an exception because it's relevant to the comic. Like I said, I've been feeling burnt out and just tired in general. To be clear, I love making Quint's Quest, I love drawing, and I'm really glad that everyone else seems to like it just as much as I like making it, but after over four years – and a few hiatuses and missed deadlines – it definitely starts to wear on you a bit, and I wanted to take a break and just look at the whole thing and evaluate it. This whole thing was compounded by some really personal stuff that I won't get into detail about since a) what I said before about not telling everyone my business and b) I'm sure the parties involved wouldn't appreciate me blabbing about it to the whole internet either - and, far from "a few", amirite?

Anyways, Quint's Quest is going nowhere, but it is taking a break for a few months. I'll still be uploading drawings and anything else I make to this deviantart account and you'll probably see me post updates about the website as well. Thanks for bearing with me and thanks for reading Quint's Quest!


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