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I am liking the overall meticulous texture with subtle colors that flows into each other & well blended that gives me an impression, which is it reminds me of faux finish of the marble / "mother of pearl" shell textures with look alike luminousity. On the other side of my thoughts, it looks like a framework of the side view of an upside down peacock and or psychedelic phoenix and her brood, also I can see now the spectacles of the side view of Queen Nefertiti portrait mix with Egyptian King Tut Hat in fusion way with long neck in optical illusion way. However i am, not sure with the cropped / trimmed artwork that seems to be off or lack of something pertaining to "Echo" or have been chopped / blocked all of a sudden(at the right side). Just my opinion. Anyhow, overall, the subtle psychedelic fractal are truly accentuated & more pop, not too funky not too busy but futuristic elegance, yet almost "Cubism" inspired style. Thanks for sharing. Great piece!

-Erika <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":rose:" title="Rose - :rose:"/>
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I agree

nicely written
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Hi! Beautiful work! Truly amazing!

Would you be willing to let me use this as the cover for a 'book' I have of contest entries? It's on an online writing community called Wattpad. I just think it would be awesome to look at and a little bit of promotion for your work!


If you're not okay with that, I completely understand! Your art's amazing regardless!
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Ohhhh my I love this!
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feels like im looking into an endless ceiling.
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Included in a lil' feature in my journal :) ... [link]
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WOW! Amazing work
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zastanawiam się ile czasu na taki art trzeba poświęcić..
kolory są urzekające..
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OD ,2-4h liczenia potem 4-8h renderingu , i znowu 2h postprocesu .
Chcesz , możę cię nauczę ?
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czyli ogólnie od 8 do 14 godzin, wow pełen podziw dla cierpliwości ;] właściwie niewiele zrozumiałam i chyba bym nie podołała... ^^; a ostatnio nawet zasilacz w kompie mi się spalił ;<
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Nom, sporo. Ale jakoś daje rade.

Tak to bywa jak się kupuje tanie zasilacze razem z obudową :P
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komputer sam w sobie jest stary dlatego nowy muszę kupić, a ten zasilacz to już kolejny z rzędu, poprzedni spalił się tak jak ten, chwilowy brak prądu ;/
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Myślę że do twoich potrzeb wystarczy dobry laptop.
Laptopy się tak nie psują, i są odporne na braki prądu :P
Polecam którąś wersje Samsunga R580 :la:
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dzięki, pomyślę nad tym :) właściwie nie do końca się jeszcze zdecydowałam. :) Ale dzięki za poradę.
Sam masz takiego? :)
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nie, ale jak bym miał kupywac to tylko ten.
Po za tym pracuje w sklepie komputerowym i wiem co mówię :P
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Holy frap! (yes I know I said "frap") All your art is amazing, but I am commenting on THIS one in particular because (as nerdy as I can EVAR get) it reminds me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart Wii... At first I went to your gallery because you responded to my thanking to your watching me, by asking if I could look and comment, and seeing it, I can't NOT comment on any of 'em! BUUUUUT, I personally prefer cartoons and video game relating artwork, so for ME, it is not something I would really fav. I just am not into those detailed. formal, crazy awesome stuff... (some of my church friends say if I was rich, I would be the eccentric billionaire that buys pancake syrup drawings for thousands of bucks and then offering about $2.50 to a museum for a really famous and priceless painting.) And I say random things and talk alot to anybody who decides to say even one word to me... well, as long as they don't get to annoyed, but just regular annoyed is fine, as long as they don't hate me... =D (sorry for the randomness, kinda hyper...)
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I like the iridiscent textures of the echoes :3
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The textures here are great and the composition is very elegant... If I should give to this work a secondary title, that would be "Road to the Infinite", I really like the atmosphere in all of your deviations!! ^_^
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This is so cool! I liked the originality and the birght colors. (I wish I knew how to do this stuff...)
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Very psychadelic :) I like the colours and textures, it really draws you in!
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psychedelic* :P
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