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Sunflower by Naviretlav, visual art

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Fractal artist and Sound Designer since 2008

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I love your fractal art and I have found a possible opportunity for you to get it published in a major scientific journal. I am a radiologist and the "Super Bowl" of radiology conferences is the annual RSNA convention (Radiological Society of North America) in Chicago. This year will be the 100th year anniversary of the RSNA. To commemorate the occasion I am preparing a submission for an article/display that explains the "History of Light" featuring Roentgen, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Doppler, and artists such as Rembrandt. It will use my own art but also different artists such as yourself. There is no money involved as I will not make a dime and this is an academic pursuit, but it would allow your work to be published in a major academic journal with full credit for your work. This started when radiology journal editors liked my digital portrait of Roentgen (see my gallery) who is the discoverer of x-rays. Are you interested? I just heard from the largest radiology journal in the world. They want me to move forward and submit the complete manuscript and for that I need your permission to use your art. Email me and I will send you what I have written so far. My name is Dr. Mark Hom, MD and my email is 

Here is the acceptance of the proposal concept and encouragement to move forward:

" the discipline of Radiology is image-based and as each and every clinical image is itself a work of art emerging from fundamental principles...this proposal has relevance and appeal...the proposal is novel, creative, educational, and interesting...The author should be encouraged to complete the manuscript for submission." 

You could contribute for the Niels Bohr/Quantum Theory segment and/or the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle segment.
Thanks --- I'm back.
That is the coolest avatar I've even seen, hands down.
I LOVE your work!! :)
happy new year
Your work is beautiful. Good job!