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Wolf Face Tutorial

Here it is! My wolf face tutorial. It's extremely simplified and a lot of details have been left out, but I hope it'll help some people out there who struggle with this stuff. Soon I'll create either a journal entry or update the comments section here to add more commentary. But for now, this is good enough. 

Note: This is more of a tutorial for a semi-realstic style than anything else. 

If you notice any spelling or grammar errors, please point them out so I can fix 'em. Thanks!

Hope you enjoy!
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Rainwingdog's avatar

its spelled "wolves" :>

TheApatheticEmpath's avatar

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this! (Though, admittedly, you are a bit more detailed than I am :P) Well done!

BirbloafsFursandArt's avatar

This is so helpful, thank you so much for making it :) now I can learn how to do cartoon wolves.

AmeliaFoxe's avatar

Dang it, now I need to redraw my OC Stonefire LOL

Mind if I share the finished product?

StarskyO's avatar

This is so helpful! Thank you!

SamuraiPau's avatar
This will help me very much.super super thank you.
WingsOfLightOfficial's avatar

This will be so useful when drawing the characters from my book! Thank you!

MashaNewweather's avatar

I'm working on a childhood story I made when I was younger, all the characters are wolves. This will help me redesign them all, thank you so much!

DarkForest5's avatar
TheSacredWolves's avatar

This is so helpful! Thank you for putting the time in to making this!

Dragonqueens's avatar
oooh, the pink wolfie at the end looks amasing! *drools*
lunavas21's avatar
Buut what about *tears?*. I’m not an EXCELLENT artist, so this is a *TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!*
lunavas21's avatar
Forgot to ask, what app do you use to do these? Can’t find any good ones...
Kelina10's avatar
Thank you so much for making this!
Soulblaze999's avatar
Love this it helped a lot. Daisy thank you Emote Sign: Thank You - F2U! 
CookiezSalad's avatar
Wow this is amazing! this really help me out. thank you!
GalaxyCreations's avatar
These wolves have beautiful brows.
Tekae's avatar
This was really helpful <3

It would be cool to see some more tutorials from you in the future!
More specifically your backgrounds, because damnn <3
Child-Of-Hades's avatar
This is perfect in literally every sense of the word - it works for both "anime" wolves and Balto-styled wolves!
Zcat91819's avatar
Boutta say that this can relate to pretty much any animal you'd wanna design. Thanks for the help!
SelenaRH's avatar
Why stop there?

Because it's easy.


WolfenMallows's avatar
that cream / blond coloured wolfie looks like legolas
NefeliPlayer07's avatar
Very nice tutorial!! La la la la  
I'll try and make one of my character's wolf face! 

Thanks Nav! Gotta try it out! So excited!!:happybounce: 
LittleJak's avatar
This really did helped me. I've been having artiest block for too long and just reading  this tutorial kind of help me get back on my feet when it come to improving my art SO thank you.
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