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For this month's MSE!

Deep down, Alar truly hates himself. In fact, he hates himself so much that he believes it's impossible for other wolves to love him too. His manipulative and controlling personality causes others to disassociate themselves with him, making matters worse. The only genuine relationship he's ever had has been with Raban, his raven companion. While Raban has plenty of other raven friends, he too enjoys Alar's company and seems to be the only one who can tolerate him enough to stick around. Without Raban, Alar would probably be worse off than he is now. 

In this scene I imagine Alar is looking over at his packmates with jealousy and self-pity. This would be from his time in the Brazeau Pack in the south years before he joined Vale. 

DotW: Alar by Naviira DotW: Raban by Naviira
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The atmosphere here is so pleasantly tranquil. The radiant lighting is absolutely gorgeous, and I like the way the rays bathe the characters in the sun's warmth while still maintaining the out of the way, secluded feeling of a shady spot beneath the trees. The characters have been very beautifully portrayed here with Alar's relaxed form curled slightly in the grass and his head held up with such poise as he stares off into the distance, a faraway look in his eyes and his only friend perched on his side as they share a knowing silence. It's quite poetic really. Incredible piece! Big Grin