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DotW: Rodwen (Deceased)



Name: Rodwen
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 35"
Weight: 105 lbs
Build: Rodwen is a ghost amongst the mist and snow; a tall yet graceful figure, his silken fur hangs long and loosly at his cheeks, and spills over his withers. His icy eyes and dark brows bring attention to his face, with high cheek bones and a delicate, almost feminine nose. His ears are long and sharply pointed. There’s a burning, intimidating presence about him that commands the respect of all those before him.
Pack: Highvalley
Rank: High King
Blood Class: Highblood

Parents: Eadric & Aarwen
Siblings: Alyan,
Mate: Fia (deceased)
Offspring: Klaus | Vladimir | Ava | Sveta | Nike | Lapis (Bastard) | Naava (bastard) |
Nieces & Nephews: GwyndolynVeraAmaltheaQuiloVysarielAvalonThornVonnaruilAlpineAmaraLycan,
Extended Family (Paternal): Rune (Uncle) | Taibhse (first cousin) | Edythe (first cousin) | Thallo (second cousin once removed) | Robin (third cousin) 
Extended Family (Maternal): Arcturus (first cousin)


If you would like your character to be blood related to Rodwen please check out this highblood chart below for more information!

Highblood chart by Naviira 


Deeply dedicated to his role as the High King of Highvalley, the safety and happiness of his kin is Rodwen’s top priority, as well as maintaining its respect and reverence amongst the other packs in the domain. 
Ambitious & Efficient: When a goal has been set, achieving maximum productivity with minimal wasted effort spent is of the greatest importance. Rodwen is not the kind of wolf that will accept incompetence of any kind from his subjects. Laziness gets rooted out simply by him being present.
Cold, Stoic & Unrelenting - With a rational approach to just about everything he does, it’s no surprise that Rodwen distances himself from expressing his emotions, after all, public displays of emotion are displays of weakness in his eyes. He's the kind of wolf that rules his pack with an iron fist. Efficiency and rationalism above all else can make him insensitive and cold in pursuing his goals, especially in his duty as High King.
Intelligent & Strategical - Hailed as a strategical genius, Rodwen prefers to rely on his mind rather than is brawn and is especially talented in handling crisis and and navigating through individual challenges in order to achieve a bigger goal. He will examine all angles and is the kind of wolf that will drive the discussion forward with solutions. 
Strong-Willed: In face of adversary, Rodwen will neither bend nor break for he wishes his people to see that he cannot and will not be cowed.
Highly Self-Confident: With complete confidence in his abilities, there is little room for self-doubt. Rodwen knows what he’s capable of doing but at the same time has the humility to know when he does not.
Charismatic and Inspiring: There is no need to use fear and manipulation when trying to achieve his goals as Rodwen prefers to invigorate and inspire those around him to do their best. Sometimes he can come off as a bit overbearing in this aspect, but only because he tends to see the hidden potential in others even when they may not initially see it themselves.
Prideful & Arrogant: - His historical lineage brings him great pride, bordering on arrogance, as he believes his blood and family have given rights that other wolves do not. Rodwen respects others with his own qualities and tend to look down scornfully upon those who don’t match up.
Honest: Rodwen sees no point in telling lies and will freely say what he wishes to say despite the effect it may have on others. After all, dancing around the truth is anything but efficient and productive.
Showy & Ostentatious: As the pinnacle of blood purity and pride of his pack's pedigree, Rodwen delights in flaunting who he is. He desires to be seen by both his kin and the outside world for he is the highest of the Highbloods. This showy behaviour is done in consideration of maintaining appearances inside and outside his realm as opposed to a childish need to stroke his ego.
Wounded - Rodwen knows the horrors of war. He’s seen it along with the hell it can unleash. As a way of dealing with what happened, Rodwen has cocooned himself and his pack in to avoid trouble. Never again will he allow his kin’s blood to be spent, never again will he meddle in the affairs of such destruction. War took his father, his friends, his siblings. He’d do anything to prevent that hell from rising again.
Hidden Heart - Beneath the tough and stoic exterior, Rodwen hides away a profound sense of compassion for those around him and is greatly disturbed when they hurt. While that may not always extend to wolves beyond his realm, Rodwen, more than anything, deeply cares for his kin.

 Pre-Group History

Sired by High King Eadric and born to High Queen Aarwen, Rodwen was the first-born son and heir to Highvalley. Shortly after birth Rodwen and his littermates were brought before their mother’s personal steward and close friend, Ela, who helped to suckle and raised the pups alongside her mate Norwood; an elder who acted as the royal family’s personal Arch-Meister and teacher, so that Aarwen could continue to fulfill her duties as the Wolvenqueen. The young heirs ended up forming tight bonds with their caretakers which rivalled that of the bonds they shared with their parents. With Norwood’s age old wisdom, the young pups were taught about the gallant Highbloods of old, foreign lands and Highvalley’s rich heritage. The old male particularly had a fascination with foreign religious packs, especially Havir, and would never hesitate to teach them about the foreign pack.  

With Rodwen’s mother constantly in a state of either being nursing or pregnant, the young prince, along with his other littermates, were heavily involved in her care. Eadric on the other hand was often absent from his children’s lives. Tensions between rival packs were increasing, forcing Eadric to focus on the pack’s affairs rather than raising a family. As soon as he became old enough, Eadric became more involved in his children’s training. At first Rodwen was elated over the fact that his father was paying more attention to them. He deeply loved and revered him, for he was a great Alpha and a wise leader! But slowly over time, the young prince began to see a different side of his father: One that was unstable and angry, foolish, selfish and dangerous. Eadric possessed a wicked temperament and was very rough with his children. The Wolvenking never worked for the good of Highvalley rather, he did as he pleased and would often put the pack in danger with surrounding packs. He was a selfish leader and it would cost him. 

One cold evening while Rodwen and a few of his siblings were out on a hunting expedition in the woodlands, Fellfang--an old enemy of Highvalley--happened upon their party for a raid. Outnumbered, Rodwen barely managed to escape and was forced into the safety of the Highlands where he watched helplessly as his brothers and sisters were torn to shreds. Rodwen has since held a deep and profound distain for their kind. 

As a young wolf Rodwen was thrown into the hell of war. Countless lives had been lost, both family and friends alike. First it was Ela and Norwood, their caretakers from puphood. Then it was Aarwen, his mother. Soon she was replaced with another she-wolf to be Eadric’s Queen. She too had given him many sons and daughters, but it would never be enough to fill the gaping hole in his heart.

Highvalley had few allies, smaller packs, including the one of his puphood friend Pyrite. They had grown up together and often had play-dates. They were best friends, but as they grew older their feelings for each other began to change. They deeply desired each other and Rodwen was certain; as soon as he became the High King he’d take her as his mate. But the war continued and the days grew darker, unsure if they would make it out alive, the two gave into their desires and became intimate.

War had changed him. He had killed and saw death. Rodwen, once curious about the world now turned fearful of it. But he endured regardless and soon enough death came for Eadric and Rodwen succeeded him as the Wolvenking. He bared no great love for his father, but he cared deeply for his pack and vowed to do everything he could to keep them save.

Immediately Rodwen went to work, utilizing strategy to try and overcome his enemies, but Highvalley’s numbers were growing thin and wouldn’t be able to defeat them on their own. That’s when Rodwen approached Sheffield, the Alpha of Altumvalley; old rivals who once, many generations ago, were the same pack but had since split due to grievances. The two had been dancing on the brink of war ever since with the current strife’s only fuelling the tensions. It was then that Rodwen offered a proposition: unify the packs through marriage. It pained Rodwen, knowing that he loved Pyrite, but the Wolvenking was willing to put his personal feelings aside for the good of the pack. He needed Altumvalley, and Altumvalley needed them as they too were struggling with a war of their own. However, the only way they’d accept an alliance was through wedding one of their own. Sheffield was reluctant at first but eventually allowed his daughter, Fia, to wed Rodwen and the two packs merged and became one once again.

Not soon after Pyrite revealed to Rodwen that she was pregnant with his pups. To impregnate a female before one became wedded in Highvalley was taboo, and he’d be ostracized for it. He couldn’t have that, not if the alliance between Altumvalley and Highvalley was to continue. Their union had been a mistake; a moment a weakness in the darkness of war.  No one could find out, and so for the pack’s benefit, Rodwen denied his feelings for her and carried on as if nothing had happened between them.

Through Altumvalley and Highvalley's new alliance the two packs joined forces and defeated their enemies in a series of sweeping battles. Finally, peace was achieved and Rodwen and Fia became officially wedded. He shared no love for her at first as he still cared deeply for Pyrite, but slowly over time he learned to love her deeply and before long they were expecting their first litter. Rodwen was thrilled and vowed to be a better father than his own. He longed for his eldest and heir, Klaus to be a good King to his kin, but the young he-wolf was reckless, foolish, stubborn, rebellious, and possessed a wicked temperament. As the pup grew Rodwen saw something in Klaus and it frightened him: Eadric.

Not only did the young price share his grandfather’s spitting image, but Klaus also possessed the same unstableness that had once nearly driven the pack into the ground. Knowing full well of the destruction and chaos Rodwen’s father had caused before him due to his recklessness, Rodwen tried to dilute the young male’s extreme behaviour through rigorous, one-on-one training that would often last from dawn to dusk. He had hoped the training would help but it seemed to only make his son more angry and frustrated.

The two got into a heated argument and soon after Klaus fled the pack. Fia, devastated by the news, became very sick. Eventually the two were expecting their second litter, and after fighting the sickness for almost a year, eventually she succumbed to her illness and died in child birth. Only one pup survived: Nike.

Rodwen refuses to talk about those he has lost, especially Fia. He believes he needs to remain strong and unyielding for his pack, many of whom are still recovering from the wounds inflicted by Eadric’s reign. 

Group History


+ 2 Bones for joining (January 2016)
+ 0 Bones = Legacy
+ 1 Bone = Wolvenking
+ 1 Bone = Welcome to Highvalley
+ 0 Bones = Talks with the King
+ 1 Bone = Collab: Proposal
+ 1 Bone = I Only Want What's Best For You
+ 0 Bone = Father's Footsteps
+ 1 Bone = Betrothal
+ 1 Bone = Collab: Discontent
+ 1 Bone = Winter's King
+ 1 Bone = The High Council
+ 1 Bone = The Audience part II
+ 3 Bones = Bonds Meme
+ 2 Bones = Collab: All Grown Up
+ 1 Bone = Collab: Growing Stronger
+ 2 Bones = Leisure Time
+ 1 Bone = Where Fia Left Off [Pt 1]
+ 2 Bones = The Elders
+ 1 Bone = Guardians of the Night
+ 1 Bones = Collab: The High King's Steward
+ 1 Bone = Winter's Edge
+ 1 Bone = Forgotten Lessons
+ 1 Bone = Collab: Rumor Has It
+ 1 Bone = [DotW] An Important Task [Collab]
+ 2 Bone = Rodwen and Nike: Duck Meme
+ 1 Bone = Making Up for Lost Time
+ 1 Bone = You Always Have been

Current bones: 32


- Rodwen loves to hunt and will never pass up an opportunity to do so. It's a way to get his mind off of his grief. 

- Rodwen believes that Lowbloods will always have a place within the pack so long as they are willing to work hard for Highvalley's sake.

- He is very tough on his kids due to the fact that he expects nothing short of greatness from them. This can oftentimes make him appear cold, but no one should ever doubt Rodwen's love for his children. He loves them deeply and fiercely.  

- While he views hardworking Lowbloods favourably, he wouldn't want any of his children to become mates with any. 

- Rodwen has a very strained history with Fellfang. He believes their blood is cursed and the wolves untrustworthy. He will treat any fellfangr with instant hostility and will never allow one to live within the pack.

- Thanks to Norwood's teachings as a pup, Rodwen deeply reveres the Havirian culture.  

- Rodwen doesn't care much at all about the wolves of the outside world. He'd much rather focus on his own realm. 

- He hates being called "Rod."

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