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Good morning, Midgar! (3)


Who is Aeris? Just try to google her - she is a one of most famous japanese game character. Lots of people do not ever played Final Fantasy series, but most of them know her. You will have a chance to know more, when the FF7 remake hits the shops all around the Planet. So... Here she is - Aeris, the flower girl, the only bright spot in Midgar, city of unsaturated colours and dim lights that leave no shadows.
The base was my first serious experience with airbrush. The posters are printed (i can draw this, but... i think, you get the point =)) The street lamp and window lights were slightly photoshopped on some pics. Originally, they are heavily shadowed and can`t be so bright. 
Now, about the figure. Aeris is 65mm tall, but her features are more like that of 54mm, at least, i wanted somewhat realistic look. This is the first female face, ever sculpted by me, and i like how it comes. Lots of this made of Tamiya quick type putty.

You can see lot of stuff, regarding this project, on my Patreon.

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Due to new CMON politics i have to upload 3 sets of pics (actually, there are only 4 pics in total). I`m really missing those never-ending scrolling collages. You can vote wherever you want =) - closeup - overall - Aeris

P&P voting links… - overall… - Aeris

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really love the "MFC" shop :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) a great wofk for a nice character bravo!! 
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Wow, you sculpted her from scratch?!

This is amazing work! Bravo!
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Just lovely work again! Loved following the wips :) she so small compared to your other work too o_O
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Thanks. Actually, she is my biggest failure except "road to arena". FF fans think that she`s ugly, cus she is not looks like Nomura`s anime doll concept. Others do not care much about Aeris, they do not know who she is, and i can not fill her simple dress with freehand and other trendy stuff. So, looks like i should have to paint another bust -___-
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But YOU love her and did a great job. Sometimes we need to do those projects just for ourselves. It's good for your soul - even if it's not popular ;)  
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Personally, i`m rather happy with her, but i need to pay the bills. Sad old world. 
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Yeah, I know the struggle :) Make what the meta demands or it wont sell, but sometimes you have to so what you love and damn the meta! If we all did what the meta was it would be nothing but 40k as far as the eye can see o_O
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well, thanks God i have no problem with selling my works by now. What i`m talking about is a matter of attention, that project brings. Lagertha the Chaos Maiden added around 50 usd to my Patreon. Aeris added nothing, i even lost some patrons during that project. But, you right - i`m still love her no matter what. =)
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