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Rules for submission:

Any member is allowed to submit art to the gallery, up to three deviations per day. They must be approved by at least one of us. Anyone is allowed to suggest favorites, and they'll be auto-accepted (though no putting hate-pictures in there, that's not cool man)

NEW: I've now made it so you can choose which folder to add something to. You still need to get at least one vote before it goes in, but that's just so we can keep better track of submissions.

Gallery content:

Anything is accepted, provided:

-The submission is Navi-centered. Try to make her the focus of the submission, in other words, don't submit something just because it has Navi in it. Submit art where she's the main subject.

-Anything requiring an above-18 filter has one on it. Considering drawing her close-up gives people an excuse to draw her nude, that's fine. But please put a MC filter on it.

-Pairings are fine, but again, keep it at a reasonable level.

-No hate art. This is a fan club, dedicated to loving our little blue fairy,

-Try to keep "Navi abuse" to a minimum. some people like to poke fun at her, but no killing or serious injuries.

-Any form is fine, glowy ball of light or whatever you think she looks like close-up.

-Any art form is acceptable too, provided they follow the above rules. Drawings, paintings, pixel, literature, cosplay, photographs, etc.

Remember, any member is allowed to suggest favorites to the club, as well. This is unlimited, you can suggest as many favorites as you like.


:iconnaviplz: :iconheylooklistenhello: :iconnaviplz: :iconheylooklistenhello: :iconnaviplz: :iconheylooklistenhello: :iconnaviplz: :iconheylooklistenhello: :iconnaviplz: :iconheylooklistenhello: :iconnaviplz:
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Us awesome Navi-lovers who are....awesome. yeah. And love Navi, too.







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The few and far between fans of Navi, Link's loyal companion in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Although most see her as annoying, We hope to raise her status as a Zelda companion. Navi fans, unite!
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Mar 12, 2010


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Fan Club

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Other great Zelda groups : D Feel free to ask to affiliate if you're Zelda/Nintendo related.



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Hey! Listen!
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Hey all!
I was wondering if anyone here has heard of the user LionheartLexi in recent time. 

Please send me a DM if anyone has some info! It's rather pressing on me...
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I wish to become an Acolyte in the Cult of Navi :D
ElvenRaptor Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
At least some people like her? I never really found her to be annoying. If anyone's annoying in OoC, it's that damnable owl!
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Hey guys! Listen! Wait up! Listen! Look! Hey! etc...
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i mean i meant to say i dont have any work to submit "yet" but i plan on it. sorry i type in a hurry sometimes lol.
Sophia825 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
wow yes! finally some other people who dont hate Navi :) i havent any work to submit but can i join? i love navi she is so under appreciated.
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Is this club still alive? o:
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you've probably seen this already but if you havent i think it works great for your club

Its a song about navi's love for link

IDSmehlite Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011  Student Filmographer
I love navi! ^^ I want her back! i dont care if she was annoying! she was trying to help!
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Awesome, finally a place where Navi won't get bashed. x3
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