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Hi, so I'm now available for commission. :D

I do character design and not so much on scenery.
My style is somewhere between realistic and manga as shown on my sketches here.

character sketch:
my fee is $20-30 depend on the complexity of the character, for example a human character with normal costume can be $20 but a monster like character with wings, and fur or character with detailed costumes and heavy on accessories can be $30.
extra characters depend on their scale, detail or their visibility can range between $10 to full price

my fee is +$40 per character color on a simple BG or cropped transparent BG

How to order:
just leave me a note here or e-mail me:

How long it would take to finish:
give me a week or two, but sometime it can be faster than 1 week, depend on my schedule and other parallel projects I have at that moment, but I'll be in touch through e-mail

The Payment:
I use Paypal, and so I will calculate paypal fee on top of my total fee (roughly 4%)
after I finish the task, I will make a calculation of the total work and my payment and I also post the preview of the finished work, then after I get my payment I send the file in full size, I don't need down payment or payment upfront since it only gives unnecessary pressure on me.

However please do pay me  once I finished your order :) since trust and good rep is all we have in the internet.

Sending the file:
the finished piece will be sent through e-mail in full size if you want cropped transparent BG then It will be in PNG24 format, and the scaled down version might be posted also in my portfolio with a line "commissioned by your name" on it.

awaiting your order