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Hello, world!:wave: I go by NavelColt. I'm a fan fiction writer, show analyst, and art commissioner.

I'm most known for my book, The King of Love Bugs, and its parent fanonverse, The Love Bug Continuity, which is a series of stories and artworks that build off a species of side characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Due to DeviantART gutting the beloved Super Groups feature and Eclipse's eyesore being forced upon everyone, I've dropped my activity here to almost nothing. I'm just here to hoard the artwork of friends and artists I commission, now. You can find me more active on Twitter, FIMFiction, and Revue, my personal analysis blog for all things nerd-related. You'll find all these links, as well as information about my writing and books on my Carrd, which is also linked above.

So long and thanks for the breathtaking pixels. ;P

(Also, follow Sockiepuppetry if it's the last thing you do.)

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Hello~! Thank you so much for the fav^V^

I'll be honored if you would watch me or remind me for new pokemon art trades or commissions^^


Are you still active on this site?

Not really. I follow a select few artists who only post here but I've been largely inactive for a few years. DA removing the Super Groups feature and overhauling the Eclipse layout killed any remaining interest I had.

Active on FIMFiction and Twitter under the same name if interested. <3

I was just curious.

I’ve recently been trying to submit some Discord-related pictures to the “Discord Fanclub” group, but the submissions haven’t been getting accepted. Can you resolve the issue?

That group and the others that I ran stopped being active half a decade ago, sorry to say. I may still be listed as staff on them but I don't have the interest to run them anymore. That includes manually approving artworks. Sorry!

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Is this the colt of Navel?