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Hello all!  I am very excited that the skin tutorial is finally going live.  Hope you all find it useful. :)  Thanks for being so patient.

As I mention, knowing your color theory and anatomy is vital to painting skin well.  Someone has already asked for resources on color theory, so it seems logical to post this list in a journal so everyone see it:

Color theory tutorials on the web:

:bulletblue: Phil Straub : Color Theory Simplified…

:bulletblue: fredflickstone @ : Color Theory 1 & 2…

:bulletblue: Henning Ludvigsen : Color Theory…

:bulletblue: Socar Myles :  A Practical Guide to Color…

:bulletblue: Eugene Arenhaus : The Color Gray…

Those are all great starter tutorials.  For more in-depth theory, look around on for books on the subject.  I am sorry but I don't know any to recommend.  And of course, if you can try to take a class on the subject!

If anyone has other good resources or recommendations, link me and I'll add to the list. :)

Cheers :heart:
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The link for the color gray is down, is taking me to the website but not to the post.
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Thank you for this!
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Thanks for the Valuable share ! Hug 
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thanks for sharing this =)
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WOW thank you so much! for the skin tutorials and the links, they're so helpful I am just now going into color and I couldn't figure out why my skin looked so dull, I heard many artist say use a wide range of colors but they never explained how and when I did it was a mess until your skin tutorial came and gave me ideas of some colors I can use to render skin I got so excited :) and happy :) I started practice and each time is looks more natural so thank you :tighthug:

And thank you for the great links you have provided us, they're all great but the best one had to be the image FX (Phil Straub : Color Theory Simplified) one for me, I have read color theory quit a few times but it never really told me how I can apply this to my painting, I understood primary's etc. but never how can this help my painting until the 1st link showed me the color schemes and it all made perfect sense. So thank you very much and after 2 years I think I finally understanding color :) merci
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This is very helpful and generous of you, Thanks for sharing and the time it took to do.
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Check this video out on colour theory, all the links above are very helpful too.
the video for the visual learners [link]
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Thanks for this. :D
I need all the help i can get LOL
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thank you for posting these lovely resource for us beginners to use
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tks for the share~
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Try "How to Paint Like the Old Masters" by Joseph Sheppard.
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Thank you so much for posting these resources
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thks,, i'm still looking this.
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Thanks so much!
With the help of artists like you and all these resources, hopefully I'll soon lose my fear of color :love:
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I know this is late in coming, but just now found a link from another tutorial. Thank you so much for the list of resources. I really appreciate you taking the time to put it together.
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Thank you so much, this is awesome!
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This is incredibly useful, thanks :D
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You're welcome :)
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I've been needing to learn color theory for the longest time! Thanks for sharing!! :D
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