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Hello all!  I am very excited that the skin tutorial is finally going live.  Hope you all find it useful. :)  Thanks for being so patient.

As I mention, knowing your color theory and anatomy is vital to painting skin well.  Someone has already asked for resources on color theory, so it seems logical to post this list in a journal so everyone see it:

Color theory tutorials on the web:

:bulletblue: Phil Straub : Color Theory Simplified…

:bulletblue: fredflickstone @ : Color Theory 1 & 2…

:bulletblue: Henning Ludvigsen : Color Theory…

:bulletblue: Socar Myles :  A Practical Guide to Color…

:bulletblue: Eugene Arenhaus : The Color Gray…

Those are all great starter tutorials.  For more in-depth theory, look around on for books on the subject.  I am sorry but I don't know any to recommend.  And of course, if you can try to take a class on the subject!

If anyone has other good resources or recommendations, link me and I'll add to the list. :)

Cheers :heart:
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The link for the color gray is down, is taking me to the website but not to the post.