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Supplement for Section II of the Skin tutorial. It’s much easier to see the compare the colors for the different skin tones in this format.

:skullbones: This is not the tutorial itself! :skullbones:
Please read the tutorial in full to get the most out of this supplement image!

:bulletblue: Section I: Skin Basics
:bulletblue: Section II: Skin tones
:bulletred: Section III: Background color and ambient light [coming soon]
:bulletred: Section IV: Blending and texturing [coming soon]

If you are having a hard time understanding Section II (and don’t feel bad if you are—it’s difficult stuff!) take this chart and go through it with a color picker. That should help you a lot in seeing the hue, value, and saturation differences that occur between skin tones, and within the different mid-tone / shadow / highlight ranges.

If color is really difficult or confusing for you, go here:
:star: Color Theory Resources

Thanks for reading :) I hope it is helpful.

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I have a question... I am doing a albino skin and... I don't know how make the skin nuances. Of course, thank you so much for the chart :3

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Lobe how it’s neatly organized by category! Helps in understanding and following the tutorial:) amazing overall✨😊

Great information, and thanks for the reference chart. Looking forward to the next two sections!

gonna try your tutorial and see if i can follow without any problems.. lol wish me luch

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nice just what i need to make a skin on second life game that i play

So useful, thank you! I'm trying to transfer this to watercolour next, should be fun!

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Thank you for these!
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Oh! This looks super helpful thank-you so much for sharing!

Hayley ^_^
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Oh! This looks so helpful! Thank-you so much for sharing.

Hayley :floating:
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This is super useful! Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you so much for the chart I use it for my work! 
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This was just what I was searching for :la: I have trouble choosing colors to make skin look realistic.
Thank you for drawing this :hug:
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Are those warm tones or cold tones???
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Thank you so much, this is pure Gold!
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This is detailed and well written.  Thanks for providing a visual explination on how to do skin tones properly.
Usefull ! Thank you !
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After all these years that I've been an artist, I'm just now getting really into digital art. It's so intimidating, especially when I see beautiful work like yours. But this chart might be one of the most helpful things I've come across so far. Thank you for making this!
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Thank you so much
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added to favorite senpai <3, this will contribute so much in my artworks ^_^ arigatou
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