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///// this page is still in progress ////////
Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Sickspace is a fantasy world I made, a place where many of my fictional stories take place
Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U!  Sickspace is a main title of a project compounded of these stories as well


  Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Current Sickspace WIP comics are:

  •  Sickspace: Crystal Hunt
  •  Sickspace: ??? (No title yet)
  •  Sickspace: ??? (No title yet)
Every one of them has mostly different characters, but they are also mostly connected through.


  Dot Bullet (Dark Purple) - F2U!  Sickspace characters:



Space by Nautileen


Corois (OC) Lineart by Nautileen
- Comic: Riftspacers
- as a kid, he almost became a victim of a Riftspacer, having his sister Lurinae partially save him
- this incident affected him in a way that he ended up with a part of a Riftspacer living inside of him
- selfish and arrogant, but a really worthy friend during hard times



Layen by Nautileen
- used to be a traveller between Shields, trying to discover her own abilities and magical talent
- after physically harming The Silver Sun, she is banished from all Shields, living as an outcast in the Sick space.
- after many years of trying to find her magical potential, she discovered her abilities via Spectrals, ghosts of those who died outside the Shields.


Scillea by Nautileen
- Comic: The Crystal Hunt
- a girl of the race of Sonireans, alias the Crystalborn
- her abilities are just as any Sonirean's - grow crystals, increase/decrease their light and shine.
- banished from her home the one time she kinda... nearly killed a human being.


Nyren by Nautileen
- Comic: The Crystal Hunt
- a human boy with a strange power to survive anything - but often with a great penalty.
- the first survivor of Sonirean attack


Enarya, the Lost Hope by Nautileen
- a young space spirit girl, said to be a greatest hope for one deserted, dying Shield
- murdered in the Sick space because of being seen as a threat by a Spectral fighter.


Olaris by Nautileen
- psychotic ever since he was a little kid
- at young age used to be completely out of his mind, having no issues with massive slaughters. as soon as he met Sarakin, his issues started to get calmer and he gained some sort of sanity
- still able to go full psycho if he decides to
- got captured and brainwashed by ........ royalty, becoming a skilled worker for them
- abilities connected to circles. he carries a chain which's links he can expand and shrink on his will. also, by radius waves he sends to the ground, he's able to track those who went through the certain area recently.


- a Space Spirit aspirant who never discovered his powers.
- used to be a close friend to Rastal when they were kids.


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