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The other, non-birthday mix, version of this.
With the original idea of Hernando playing the guitar, added (well, originally originally it was to be a harmonica, but I could not think how to draw that, plus Hernando wouldn't bring an orchestra of instruments aboard, even if he had them... I hope ^^; ) And the kegs of rum idea soon followed :aww: Especially since it is for Savvy, and she started the trend ;p
My choreography isn't well... neither in real live nor to make my emoticons dance ;) So excuse me please, if the motion looks a wee odd :hmm:
Based in part on the dance moves from :dance: & :boogie: though the worst was the circling around one another... it's hell to animate, when the back of a smiley isn't blank :dohtwo:

·.·´¯:wow:¯`·.,.·---Daily Deviation!?---·.,.·´¯:wow:¯`·.·

To be potentially only used by dA and personal use, please people wants it!

Until then available for plzicon at ~piratejigplz:iconpiratejigplz:

Many thanks to =BoffinbraiN for suggesting the DD
Many thanks, too, to ^livius for featuring it as DD
Even more thanks to *Captain-Savvy for suggesting/requestion this for her b/d
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Pirate do-si-do!  Nice job!
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"ye look like a pirate, but can ye dance the jig like one"
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Hihi :D I am looking :aww: You're such an awesome dancer :clap: DD-worthy dancer even :XD:
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lol this is great. x3 Love it.
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still loving this!
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Hihi... I'm starting to miss it, I've not been using the plz account as emoticon nearly enough :worry:
But thank you for reminding me of this gem :iconpiratejigplz: Ah... you, sir, have just inspired me to retool it! (since the Captain Savvy dancing here's meanwhile become my sweetheart :blushes: )
Oh... and I should really get through my devWatch :hmm: I've probably missed tons of stuff from you :worry:
Anyway... belated best of wishes for the new year, my friend :ahoy:
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Glad to have inspired you mate!
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Thanks again! *goes to work*
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That is just adorable....
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Thank ye verily, matey :iconpiratejigplz: Also for adding this to your favourites :ahoy:
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this emote has been featured on mine shoutboard [link]

Have a nice day!!!
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Hey! Many, many thanks for the feature, good sir!
Your stamp shall be featured in my journal :peace:B-)
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It's awesome , I love the dance :heart:
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Thank you :iconpiratejigplz: I'm glad you like it... and many more thanks for the fav! :aww:
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Thanks again, and that's quite the cute gallery you have, yourself :aww:
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:peace::pirate: Bedankt! Je hebt wat geinige emoticons/pixelwerkjes in je gallerij! :ahoy:
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Dank je. Binnenkort maak ik meer. :nod:
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this is totally awesome. too much even to say through words D: <33

i am going to be spamming this all over da!!! XDDD you can count on it n___n :iconpiratejigplz:

abayo ;D
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