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Based on a phrase coming up in a conversation with *ivoryleopard, about parrot shavings, band-aids, and rabid ewoks... I was 'serious as pie' about something, to which she responded "pies have smiles :pie: :D"... but in the wrong conversation, leading to *Captain-Savvy saying "pies make me smile too" so Michelle could inform me "pie makes Capt. Savvy smile"... I was immediately inspired through that, and Savannah's new-found fondness for stamps... (phrase used with written permission)
Made in thanks to the Capt'n fer th' yaaarrrrsomeness that be her, 'er crew and the stamp she made fer th' crew, and in apology fer me not being able to use it properly... :ahoy: And in thanks to Michelle for the inspiration.

Share the pie love! :pie: :heart:

Pie taken from the emoticons page, stamp only used on dA, so that should be okay, I hope...
Capt'n Savvy based on *Captain-Savvy's pirate self, :D, :flirty:, and Fearsome Faye from my pirate crew...
Maybe I should take Savannah up in my emoticon pirate crew... only she's already my captain... so that'd be odd... but she also made me captain of the 'Little Pony's Revenge' so she could be the über-commodor Savvy... though she'd need to change her user name... and get a more epic hat... hmm... nvm

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I hEaR tHaT mOtHeRfUcKeR!!! : o)