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[BnB] Your boldness stands alone among the wreck.


Flames, they licked the walls. Tenderly they turned to dust, all that I adore.

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☆ Name: Wren Talon Avery Willowpea
☆ Nickname: Wren, Little Bird

☆ Pronouns: He/him
☆ Age: 20
☆ Height: 3' / 92 cm

☆ Race: Halfling (Stout)
☆ Class: Druid, Circle of Wildfire
☆ Background: Inheritor
☆ Alignment: Neutral Good

☆ Personality: 

Bullet; Red Spitfire, coarse, fearless
Bullet; Yellow Energetic, physical
Bullet; Green Steadfast, rational, caring

Wren may be small but don’t let that fool you - this halfling is a spitfire and will pull you the fook up if yer bum’s oot the windae. It doesn’t take much at all to anger him - saying that you don’t like his cooking will do quite nicely. In line with his rather short temper, he unfortunately shoots off swear words more often than he lobs around Goodberries. He has no qualms with being openly vulgar, either. Finally, he’s brave but bordering on stupid. See that little honey badger clinging stubbornly onto the angry dragon’s tail? Yeah, that’s him.

Wren isn’t only “loud” in his anger, though. He’s always generally boisterous, filled with wild ideas, and can be counted upon to inject adventurous (and sometimes mischievous) energy into situations he’s in. Wren is also a very physical person, both when he’s in a good and bad mood. When he’s happy, he’ll heartily punch shoulders (or shins if he can’t reach them) and perch on tall people. Unfortunately, he’s physical when he’s angry, too - egg him on enough and he’s probably grabbing his staff.

In spite of his brashness, Wren has his good qualities. He’s steadfast and takes setbacks in stride, usually seeing them as learning opportunities to better himself. He’s also rational and level-headed, preferring to see all sides of a problem before deciding on a course of action based on logic and reason. Finally, though he’s quick to skin your hide when you anger him, he’s doubly quicker to lend you a helping hand when you need it. He’s a grounding force, a Goodberry machine, and a trusty shoulder to lean on… even though you’d have to lean down quite far indeed.

☆ History:
[complete version in the written app]

Wren was born in the highlands of Kavash. He’s the Inheritor of the role of Archdruid, the village leader, and began training under the current one. One day, a druid with powers of decay came to take the “throne”. With his mentor down, Wren tried to fight back but accidentally released a wildfire spirit that burnt down a good portion of the village and its wise talking tree. In the midst of the chaos and for his safety as the Inheritor, Wren’s family urged him to leave with his druidic paraphernalia.

Off he ran, consumed by guilt. During his travels, he accidentally summoned the spirit again, now in the form of a fiery wren. In spite of its friendly behaviour, Wren didn’t take it well as it had caused the destruction in his village, and at best only tolerated it. They arrived in Lumivaara where Wren decided to join the Adventurers’ Guild, biding his time and honing his skills so that one day he’d return home and claim his rightful throne.

☆ Goals:
  • Make peace with his powers and bond with his wildfire spirit.
  • Defeat the usurper and take back his home village from her control.
  • Become a wiser and more mature person, fit to be a leader.
  • Make himself, his family, his mentor, and his village proud.
  • Advocate the positive qualities of Goodberries, which he firmly believes in due to his family’s Goodberry business.
  • Make lots of friends and learn about other cultures!

☆ Trivia:
  • The green, triangular markings on his cheeks are magically-created and symbolise his status as the Inheritor of the Archdruid role. They can’t disappear or be removed unless his Inheritor status is revoked.
  • When asked about his Circle, Wren will say that he’s a Circle of the Land (Grassland) druid. He’s not aware there’s a Circle of Wildfire; besides, his mentor was a Grassland druid herself.
  • He changes hairstyles often. When loose, it’s unruly, of mid-back length. Sprouts grow from seeds stuck in it.
  • He speaks with the DnD equivalent of a Scottish accent.
  • His birthday is December 26.
  • Check out Wren’s playlist!

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It's always a treat to see more of your characters!

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Ahhh it's you!! I'm so happy to hear from you bc it's been a while!

Thank you for the kind comment, and I hope you've been doing okay yourself! c: