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☆ Name: Lemon Cookie
☆ Nickname: Cookie

☆ Pronouns: He/him
☆ Age: 24
☆ Height: 5'6" / 168 cm without horns; 6'7" / 200 cm with horns

☆ Race: Tiefling
☆ Class 1: Bard, College of Glamour
☆ Class 2: Artificer, [no subclass yet]
☆ Background: Far Traveler
☆ Alignment: Chaotic Good

☆ Personality:

Bullet; Green Easygoing, witty, brave, resourceful
Bullet; Red Reckless, scrappy, rebellious, insecure

“Hey!” You hear him before you see him, his voice booming three times louder thanks to Thaumaturgy. It doesn’t take long for Cookie to get chummy with people - cracking jokes, playing his lute and singing songs, sharing stories about his travels, and asking you yours. He does get mischievous, snarky, flirty, and likes to pull pranks, which can get annoying, but he doesn’t do this out of malice or wanting to sabotage other people.

Luckily, this energy and quick wit aren't always channeled into annoying shenanigans that make Cookie a pain in the butt - the boy has a brave heart and a desire to protect, especially those who can't themselves. He’s a team player, all for supporting allies with his music. Other than that, he's great at putting whatever resources on hand to good use in achieving his goals.

Although he means well, Cookie is prone to dumb (and potentially dangerous) decisions thanks to his recklessness and gets into too many fights for his own good - it’s easy to taunt him into throwing hands. He also can’t be bothered to follow rules. A consolation is the fact that inside, he does have a good heart so his most aggravating “meddling kid” antics are saved for moral opponents of his party.

Due to the pity he received while he was on a wheelchair and his father’s emotional manipulation, Cookie has gained the habit of putting up a tough exterior to show that he can do anything everyone else can do. He hates showing vulnerable emotions like sadness or hurt, and is always eager to leap into action because he feels he has something to prove. His outward confidence is unfortunately fragile; he thinks singing about how awesome he is might drown out the voice inside saying he isn’t.

☆ History Summary:
[complete version in the written app]

Boy got prosthetic legs from artificer dad whom he loves and trusts. Unfortunately, dad and mom separated and dad got mentally down. Dad controlled and abused boy, fearful of losing him like he did mom. Told boy that boy needed dad to function because he was the one who gave him legs and who could maintain them long-term. Boy turned to music (and his musician friend-crush) when sad.

Boy eventually couldn’t take the abuse anymore and bailed with his lute, wanting to make music that makes people happy like the one he listened to when he was down. Boy also wants to become a good artificer so he can deal with his own damn legs and prove that he can survive on his own. After a long journey from his hometown of Eimsey, Taragai, boy arrived in Lumivaara….

☆ Goals:
  • Get away from his abusive father and come to terms with his past.
  • Travel and make music that makes people (and himself) happy.
  • Play together with other bards. Hell, maybe even make a troupe?
  • Become a better artificer so he knows the ins and outs of and can take care of his prosthetic legs.
  • Win Arya's heart.
  • Prove to everyone (and himself) that he can survive on his own.
  • Have enough self-confidence to see himself through kinder eyes.

☆ Theme Songs:
  • Everybody’s passing by. You know it’s only you and I, and we've got no place to go.
    We’re running low on life, but it’ll be alright, 'cause I’m your dynamo.
    -Royal Tusk, "Dynamo"

Note: The fire from his prosthetic legs is a harmless effect created by the uncommon glamerweave that he recently purchased. He fastened the magical cloth onto his metal legs so that he can look like he's walking on flames. -w-"

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Bxnxjx i lov this lad
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Hahah, thanks! His concept started off jokey but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. X”D

I took a look through my gallery! Always nice to see another DnD artist. ^^

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I get that so muchh thats how most my chars come to life ^^°

And uh thanks for checking out my stuff
I agree it is really nice seeing other dnd artists